Cro-Magnon Mail: Jeff Koopersmith Gets a Death Threat

A knuckledragging, cowardly jerk hiding behind a account threatens to take a "shot" at Jeff Koopersmith.

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Mr. "Koop",

I love all the hate on your site. I love it that the left hates the right and visa-versa.

I love the division. I cannot wait for it to escalate and thank you for prodding on such.

I simply cannot wait for the actual war between us to start. Not this back and forth word throwing, but the real thing. The violence. It will be so cathartic, so wonderful.

Admit it…you would love to actually throw a punch or shoot a bullet into someone like me. And oh boy…is it sooooo mutual! [NOTE: emphasis ours.]

I thank you so very much for egging on the hate between the "right & left". Please, please keep it up!


Alan Davidson

Dear "Mr. Davidson,"
Not sure I have written much "hate" in American Politics Journal – just truth as I see it.

Mostly what I write are answers to right wing hate spew.  However, I also realize there is a lot of "drama" and ignorance even in their opinions.
Your problem here, the failure of your "argument," is that I believe I have been pretty much on target for the past twenty years, and if you support the Neocon right or worse, then you have been pretty much wrong.  All the lies we've heard from the right are now coming home to roost.  There's nothing much you nor I can do about that.
I certainly hope that I haven't contributed to what you call "actual war" between "us."  While it may be true that violence, for you, is a "cathartic" and "wonderful", this is only so because you appear to need psychiatric help.  Truly Alan, and I don't say that to make you angry – only to urge you to discuss your feelings with a professional.
No. I would not "love to throw a punch or shoot a bullet a bullet into someone like you or anyone else for that matter."
However, because you have now threatened my life I also feel I must tell you that this isn't the first time someone has threatened me or other editorial writers from the right and the left with harm, punches, or bullets.  

For that reason your email will be forwarded to the FBI and pertinent local police departments.  

What you've written is against the very laws that I am sure you think you support.  Just looking back to criminal law from my law school days I can tell you that your note contains indictable cases for at least three felonies.
We already know who you are, and where you are.

So, I guess it's only a matter of time.
Until them, my sympathies to you and yours.  I hope you seek the help I suggest, and that you confront your own demons before attempting to find others.
Jeff Koopersmith

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