• MSNBC: White House Officals Are ‘Flat Out Angry,' Calling McClellan ‘Traitor,' ‘Benedict'
• Media in denial: Despite McClellan criticism, network anchors still refuses to re-evaluate their own complicity
• Glenn Greenwald on Jessica Yellin's revelation about ABC corporate executives' demand for pro-Bush, pro-war narrative
• Florida and Michigan May See Delegates Halved
• Obama's first 100 days: "I would call my attorney general in and review every single executive order issued by George Bush…"
• US "unprepared" for massive turnout on Nov. 4
• Greg Palast on Rove's disenfranchisement of US troops and several million other US citizens
• The mirage economy: a primer
• Obama considering Iraq visit – without McSame
• Print media reported McCain's call for nuclear arms talks with Russia, without noting his proposal to exclude Russia from the G8
• Drudge, ABC duped by prank "terrorist call" for use of WMDs against "the West"
• Publisher tells all as Scott McClellan's forthcoming book hits Number 1 on amazon.com
• Republican Identity Politics No Longer Working
• Bolton to face citizen's arrest in UK

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