What Jello Said

Here's a bit of Biafra's retort that caught our attention:

Once upon a time there was a law on the books called the Fairness Doctrine, and it said that if somebody like Savage or [Rush] Limbaugh or that skull woman Ann Coulter said something completely f$#@ed up and dishonest on the air, somebody else was allowed to come on the air and reply to them without being told to shut up every 15 seconds by a power clown like Bill O'Reilly. That law was on the books for 50 years but was allowed to expire in the late '80s when a Democratic-controlled Congress failed to override President Reagan's veto of the law.

Someone in the Obama and Clinton camps should bring the entire article to each candidate's attention. Read the full reply here. Order classic Jello Biafra CDs here and here (they make great gifts, too).

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