• Senate deals defeat to Bush on Iraq war spending
• Rove's attorney Bob "The Knob" Luskin slams Judiciary Chairman, even shows his contempt for the rule of law by ridiculing subpoens (pdf)
• Senate OK's bill barring federal contractors from avoiding tax
• Hagee controversy throwing McCain off kilter; press banned from fundraiser
• McCain's Ethical Dilemma: Campaign Filled with Lobbyist Kingpins
• What is McCain hiding in his medical records?
• More on Iraq Billions M.I.A.
• Don Siegelman files with federal court to reverse conviction
• Media forecast successful McCain effort to manipulate media on medical records
• US Senate passes Iraq war fund bill
• Fla. lawmaker sues national party over primary
• Letter from John Conyers and Linda Sánchez to Rove's lawyer Bob "The Knob" Luskin
• Rove's Subpoena: More Details

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