• House overrides veto of farm bill; GOP in disarray as they try unsuccessfully to blame Dems for glitch that may force repeat of the process
• Israel, Syria sit down for talks. Is this appeasement, Junior?
• Following MoveOn.org ad on subject. WaPo looks at McCain's "politcal maestro" and chief lobbyist, Charlie Black, who does lobbying work for dictators
• Oil execs defend record profits
• Webb: ‘People in the Administration' Would Like to Strike Iran Before Leaving Office
• Meet the DNC Rules Committee Members Who Will Decide Michigan And Florida
• Sequoia CEO misleads officials in Chicago
Wall Street Journal trashes lawyers in uniform
• The McCain Plan(s): a Cheat Sheet for Progressives
• Detainee Reveals Potential Torture ‘Loophole': ‘Water Treatment' Is Different Than ‘Waterboarding'

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