• Racist Willie Horton Ad Author Floyd Brown Accuses Democrats of Racism in Racist Publication
• Mike Huckabee called Obama to apologize for "misfired" joke at NRA convention
• Hamilton Jordan, Jimmy Carter's Chief of Staff, Dies
• Assemble the Generals: Obama plans November election team
• Obama's Iowa Speech: Campaign has "a majority of delegates elected by the American people… Senator Clinton has shattered myths and broken barriers … Change is coming to America."
• CNN: "Obama has won a majority of pledged delegates"
• Report: U.S. Soldiers Did 'Dirty Work' for Chinese Communist Interrogators
• Virginia Abortion Ban Struck Down
• Senate Banking Committee Approves Housing Bill
• Credit crisis to spread
• GOP Consultant Alex Castellanos Tells CNN That Sometimes It's "Accurate" to Call a Woman a "Bitch"
• GOP Bigot Eruption: Conservative Talk Host “Gunny Bob” Says Obama Should Try to “Whip My White Ass”
• Department of Justice Inspector General's report on torture "was designed to protect the Administration and its method of legalizing torture"
• McCain's Top Lobbyist Lobbies for Foreign Entities, But Doesn't Register as a Lobbyist

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