• White House freaks out, issues panicky denial of Jerusalem Post's Iran Story
• TN Senator Bob Corker Turns on State Party, Tells Them Not to Attack Michelle Obama
• Did Rupert Murdoch get his lapdog George Bush Jr. to blast NBC for him?
• NY-13: Vito Fossella (R-Big Daddy) won't seek reelection
• GOP mastermind Karl Rove, billed as FOX's top campaign analyst, has his fingerprints all over John McCain's White House bid
• "McCain's problem is that his campaign is full of Washington-lobbyist types"
• Soros: cue fat lady, global boom is over
• Obama to the Media: Prepare to Be Trust Busted!
• TX AG's 2 Year $1.4 Mil Voter Fraud Witch Hunt Nets 8 Actual Cases, Ignores Republican Ballot Box Stuffing
• EPA Head Reversed Stand on Greenhouse Gas After White House Interference: Report
• 9/11 truthers dissect Rumsfeld's 'another attack' quip
• Whiny White House's whiny "Counselor to the Preznit" Ed "Greased Weasel" Gillespie writes whiny letter to NBC News President Steve Capus

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