Buh-bye Hans! Don’t let the door hit’cha…

Here's a story the loyal Bushies tried to slip under the radar at the tail end of the weekly news cycle: Hans von Spakovsky, the notorious anti-minority, anti-elderly disenfranchisement specialist "voter fraud" guru, has withdrawn his name from consideration for a seat on the FEC

Politico.com claims he was "[p]leading financial hardship," but the truth is that Spakovsky has been coming under greater and greater scrutiny for his involvement in some of the most underhanded schemes to deprive citizins of the right to vote. Spakovsky is a longtime participant in the neo-fascist Federalist Society and one of the masterminds of the "Voting Integrity Project", a stink tank that cooked up all sorts of myths about massive so-called "voter fraud" that pretty much collapsed upon closer examination. This link at the Brennan Center web site is a great "one-stop shop" for everything you need to know about Spakovsky.

UPDATE: The Carpetbagger Report puts interesting perspective on Spakovsky's withdrawal.

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