Dennis Prager, a Jew’s Jewish Nightmare

Jeff Koopersmith on Dennis Prager: "I am a Jew – and he disgraces me."

May 13, 2008 – Washington ( – It has been some time since I have read anything from radio schlock jock Dennis Prager, whose public persona is sort of Super-Jew Neocon – just for the spice of it.

Yet the rot he wrote this week for that cesspool of what remains of fascist opinion,, is just too sick to ignore. I'm Jewish – and I was disgusted by his swill.

Prager starts off telling us that even though the “widely accepted” belief that more than eighty percent of voters are telling pollsters that they think America is headed in the wrong direction it is really because we haven’t taken the full plunge and elected some old Nazi to the presidency. He tells us not to blame the Republicans and not to let the Democrats have their way. No. And Prager counts himself as one of the 81% who knows things are bad, very bad, for the Unites States – in almost every way.

What does the Jewish Super Neocon suggest? First, he whines that voting for liberals or Democrats marks the “decline that has ended all great civilizations.” (For Prager they are interchangeable – like a banana or a pineapple to a chimp.)

First, it is difficult for me (or anyone) to label America a “civilization.” We are a great country, yes, but we are largely made up from other civilizations. I think we have to be a bit older and more inventive to be considered one ourselves. Empire, yes. Civilization, no.

Prager looks at the U.S. economy first. He asks if the super-majority of Americans are unhappy with their financial status – or the “economic direction” of the country. He picks number two of course and he lectures us that these are not the same things anyway. Then he leaves that subject without explaining that dimwitted statement.

Hate to tell him – but they are, largely, the same things – the economic direction of a nation most certainly impacts the prosperity or lack thereof of you and me. It does not impact the rich with the exception that they hide their conspicuous consumption and only bring it out during private – in home – cocktail parties so as not to upset “the proletariat.”

Prager, like the dummy he is, asks:

When have tax increases ever helped an economy? Why will America almost alone among the industrialized democracies move in the direction of higher taxes? Are all these other countries that are lowering taxes harming their economies?

The answers are:

  1. Tax increases have always helped and many times; i.e. to win against the Nazis in WWII to make sure men like Prager couldn’t control America; social security, which is about all older Americans have to count on since the guys with the bigger tax cuts stole their pensions; and health care for at least some small percentage of the poor.
  2. America has one of the lowest tax rates of any industrialized democracy. If some nations – and frankly very few are lowering their taxes – it is only because they were sky-high since the end of World War II.

The truth be known – just like in America – when Federal governments lower taxes – the states and cities raise them. In the end, tax rates have stayed pretty much the same for the lower and middle classes round the world since 1950 – or have risen over the past 100 years.

I could go on for about one or two thousand pages addressing in just how many ways Prager is erroneous to the point of immorality – let it suffice that taxes are what paid for this nation to become as great, or not, as it was, or is. These taxes paid for our schools, our medical research, our scientific research, our wars and a bit of imperialism too. They pay Prager indirectly because he earns some of his money on the radio waves – which the taxpayers bought and paid for and rent to ABC for a comparable pittance. He drives on the roads our taxes pay for. He cheers on the wars that our taxes pay for. In short – he’s a moron,

I think what Mr. Prager is worried most about is that HIS taxes will rise. Believe me – he makes far more than $200,000 a year – although he doesn’t deserve it no earn it.

So Prager and the other three Jewish neocons of his ilk have decided that providing health care to all Americans is a filthy concept. He blows hard that the Democrats will “take over health care” and make Americans dependent on “the state.” Sounds like rudimentary German philosophy from 1918.

Prager is also not sure that Americans have any values that could be called America anyway. Well – back to my other point – values – like “civilizations” are hard to make up. The new ones are older than 5,000 years.

Prager calls voting for Democrats a “movement” that will destroy our supposed “self-reliance” and make us truly un-American. He claims that “self-reliance, individualism and limited government have been basic and distinguishing American values, and the Democrats and the left aim to undo those underpinnings of American civilization.”

This guy really must be insane.

These ideas may have been true in 1640, but they’ve not been true for at least 100 years, if not more. America tried the “total self reliance” system from the end of the civil war to the Great Depression. That resulted in an unclipped rise in slavery, slums, the murder of the working poor, and worse. It didn’t work. It didn’t work because of avarice and greed – another American “value” – the covetousness and insatiability of those guys who were the top 1% money makers – the same people Prager wants to reward now by lowering their taxes even more! Amazing isn’t it?

While Americans are “individuals” most every country on earth has a does of individualism. As a matter of fact I would give Prager ten thousand dollars if he could demonstrate to me which nations – lets say three of them –have no trace of individualism – high taxes or not. (North Korea notwithstanding)

Prager suggest that HE will explain the unpopularity of President Bush to us. He thinks it “may” not reflect well on our values currently.

Now here’s a remark that will make third grade American history students laugh:

George W. Bush has passed legislation — such as prescription drug benefits for the elderly — that Democrats would pass; he is a personally decent and honest man who has led perhaps the most scandal-free eight years in modern American history; he has kept America free from terror since 9-11 — something no one, left or right, expected; pro-American leaders have been elected in European countries most identified with anti-Americanism — Germany and France; and until the sub-prime loan-induced credit crisis, the economy has been among the most robust in American history.

Just as an aside – the people who brought you the sub-prime loan crisis were the very men and women who brought you Bush-Cheney.

First idiot Prager, Presidents don’t PASS legislation. They sign it after the Congress passes it. In fact the President does “peddle” or “introduce” legislation – but Mr. Bush has been largely unsuccessful in getting his whacky proposals passed – even in the Republican-controlled congress – except for when he and his minions lie – Then they use those lies to frighten us – and then our fright makes our representatives vote for his wars so they can be assured of re-election.

Bush lied about his prescription drug ideas – He didn’t tell us that they included a provision to disallow the nation to bargain with Pharma giants for the best prices for its citizens – who do pay plenty for those drugs – more than anyone in Prager’s list of “other democracies” – I can guarantee that.

But let’s put that one aside as well. Basically, all politicians are pretty good liars. Bush and his minions are the best – I think we can just leave it at that.

Bush didn’t just lie about Iraq, he lied about almost everything. His administration is pathological in its deceitfulness. Bush didn’t say that Saddam Hussein was “developing weapons of mass destruction” he said Saddam HAD them – and that Iraq was maybe just months away from nuking us or our allies.

Prager – who seems to be plugged into to all intelligence agencies world wide – tells us that they all believed the lies that Bush was telling. But history – even pre-history on Iraq, tells us that Prager is lying. Most of the World knew Bush was a lying fraud – and they really know it now.

Prager find it hard to believe that the primary reason for Bush’s derisory favorability scores is because he’s just a plain liar, and a simpleton. Prager claims that we’ve all been “brainwashed” by the media – which includes Prager!

In fact radio talk shows do have a great influence on the average American dolt – all 20 percent of them. The left has no successful media outlet. Every giant news source including the New York Times, all the networks – and yes even CNN supported Bush in his lies and supported the war – and don’t give a damn that we are not even allowed to see our kids bodies arriving home in aluminum boxes from Baghdad. This is the biggest and most tragic lie of all – a Lie by omission.

I have no idea which solar system Prager comes from but he also believes that “the facts are that America is winning now; that Iraq is becoming the first free and democratic Arab country; that Islamists are losing what they themselves call their most important war; and that, as a result of their barbaric cruelty in Iraq and their losing the war now, their popularity among Muslims (except Palestinians) is in decline.” [I must add – Hezbollah, the poorer half of Lebanon, most poor Syrians, Saudis, Kuwaitis, and Egyptians, and some Turks, poorer Indonesians, and more!] Prager must be doing crack.

American is winning nothing but the loathing of the rest of the world. At best we’ve just cut down our body count – at least for awhile. What will it be that we will “win” I wonder? Iraq is not – in any way – a free and democratic Arab country. Is Prager insane? Iraq is a time bomb of bigotry about to explode where Shia murders Sunni and vice versa – and their kids along with them. Oh and by the way there are millions of Iraqis who are also Islamists – or didn’t Prager know that either?

The laughable part is that Prager knows this. In his very next paragraph he worries that if American leaves Iraq it will result in genocide. Yes, genocide against Sunnis – sort of like what’s going on in Beirut and Palestine – the other Bush successes!

Prager also worries about protecting our allies in the region – Potentates who are screwing us to the wall on oil prices and using Bush’s war as the excuse – this time. Remember who flew those planes into the World Trade Center – it wasn’t Iraqis – it was our friends – our allies that idiot Prager worries about disappointing.

To end his rant in one continuous guffaw, Prager tell us that most of the people who detest Bush which includes most of the 81 percent who think America is headed in the wrong direction are not being understood.

Prager offers this interpretation of their feelings – which he parenthetically reminds them are their “brainless” feelings.

• Forty years of left-wing control of the news media, of Hollywood, of the public schools, of the universities and of nearly every big city government have nearly ruined those institutions.

Really? American has the freest and the largest news sources on earth. Our schools produce more PhDs than any other nation on earth. Our public schools are worsening only because Republicans cut funding for them – preferring instead to pass the money to Christian preachers and other Fake-Based losers who are brainwashing our kids into little Christian fanatics who think that Jesus is the answer to all their problems, but no one else’s.

• Forty years of a litigation explosion has had terrible social and economic effects.

Yes, Prager is worried that we are a nation of laws – and that if some wise ass surgeon cuts off the wrong leg or breast, or botches a heart surgery because he’s drunk or incompetent that “that’s life.”

• Children are being prematurely sexualized through early sex education.

I have no idea what “premature sexualization is” but I do know that the Islamic terrorists believe the same thing. Let Prager join them. The hypocrite.

• A generation of children is being frightened about too much — from seesaws to dodgeball to ring-a-levio to secondhand smoke to the destruction of the world caused by global warming.

Every generation has been frightened to death by the very politics that Prager supports. For mine and Prager’s generation it was “duck and cover” For my grandchildren it is “Osama” a freak that we can’t even find. What’s new? Is this another left wing plot?

• The left's war against Judeo-Christian values as the bases of American values is leaving us morally rudderless.

The left has no war against Judeo Christian values. Prager here is a terrible liar. The left is defending itself against people like Prager who would have this nation run by little bastards like Jerry Falwell or other crooked empire builders using beloved Jesus as their financier.

Of course, Prager then goes after the gays. He’s got to keep his ratings up among the red-neck truck drivers who make up the bulk of his audience. Prager is also claiming that allowing gays to get married will “disorient” young people who are just forming their sexual identities.” Hah. I guess he means if you masturbate in boarding school you are more than half way toward becoming gay.

For his grand neo-Nazi finale, Prager attacks “multiculturism” – He claims it is destroying the concept of the American culture and people I agree and thank God. The fact that there is no American culture is something Prager misses unless he is talking about beer, football, and porn.

I must agree that all Americans should speak English. It would be highly convenient for all of us. The truth is that most aliens do speak English – including the “illegal” aliens. Most Americans though are uncomfortable with their slaving housemaids and fruit pickers learning English – that way they might learn the labor laws as well – or they might even hear and understand us when we are making fun of their cultures.

I wonder if Prager is man enough to admit that his grandparents most likely did not speak English unless they happened to be very privileged.

The idiot climax to all this is that it will be the beginning of the end if Obama and the Democrats get what they want – which is?

Prager writes near hysterically – “If so, it may mark the beginning of the end of the America that our parents and their parents and their parents back to America's founding lived in. The left, given its demonization of America's history, would welcome that. Would the American people?

Oh my God! Could he be right (wing)? What is this jerk talking about? The America our parents and their parents knew was the America of the Great Depression, a continuation of institutionalized and socialized slavery and racism for Black Americans, the first and only use of atomic bombs against civilians, a minimum wage so low that fifteen people had to live in a one room apartment in the Bronx and eat rats for dinner.

Prager is a mind frigger and a bigger liar than Bush. He should be put in stocks in a public square.

I am a Jew – and he disgraces me.

Jeff Koopersmith is a political consultant, opinion research authority, policy analyst, and self-described "renegade lobbyist." He lives in Philadelphia, Washington and Geneva.

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