• Obama is in a position to renovate the Democratic party
• In 2007 elite U.S. snipers executed an unarmed Iraqi prisoner in cold blood. Have the insidious tactics that led to atrocities in Vietnam reemerged in Iraq?
• Pros say Vito Fossella's political career is dead
• Burma impounds UN aid deliveries
• Burma: ‘The Mess Is Terrible Everywhere'
• Pentagon eyes withdrawing Marines from Iraq – to Afghanistan
• Evangelicals inflate the numbers of their followers shamelessly
• Nuns strike back against voter ID laws
• 'Message Force Multiplier' Scandal: Networks Assailed for 'Deafening Silence'
• Bush and the Crazy Pastor
• House leader introduces net neutrality bill
• Shredding Your Banana Peel & Going Medieval on Your Hard Drive: DOJ's Litigation Security Group
• Cayman Islands Subsidiary Allows Pentagon Contractor Assisting War in Iraq to Avoid Millions in Taxes
• WaPo to Run Explosive Series on Immigrant Detention Program

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