On Coulter: The Bigot Doesn’t Get It

… or does she? Jeff Koopersmith looks at the naked bigotry of Ann Coulter's latest race-baiting "idiotorial."

May 1, 2008 – Washington, DC (apj.us) – Unsurprisingly, I could count on super-bigot Ann Coulter to punch in with an additional racist devil-may-care column about Barack Obama.

It amazes me that evil can be written in such a breezy way.

I believe Coulter must be taking airy lessons from Maureen Dowd and trying to be cheerful as she insults Black Americans and their beliefs, one of their pastors, and their church week after week.

Of course HauptFräulein Coulter attacks Senator Obama with an exhausted “too little, too late” argument regarding the senator’s “discharge” of Rev. Wright from his inner circle, and she makes fun of Obama’s statements labeling Reverend Wright’s comments, with which she does not agree, “[s]nippets.”

Just for good measure – in a move that tips her hand and exposes the simple schoolyard bully she is – Coulter again calls Senator Obama “B. Hussein Obama” in her standard Neofascist attempt to link him with Islamic terrorism.

One wonders how Ann Coulter can rise from her coffin each morning and face a mirror. Perhaps she has no reflection?

Ms. Coulter, poor devil, is livid at a phrase used by Reverend Wright, “God damn America,” and rightfully so, she thinks.

After all, she was brought up in suburban Connecticut, as the daughter of a respected FBI agent. She was blonde and blue-eyed, long-legged, bright, and, most importantly, privileged beyond the dreams of the average Black American. The thought that her country might let her down couldn’t possibly have crossed that mind as a youngster – and now that she’s made a few dollars by telling lies to the just plain stupid Coulteristas, she is even less competent to put herself in another’s shoes.

We should forgive her tactless and self-righteous attitude. She does not realize that it is she who is representative of the worst; the stinking bottom of the cesspool, that American has to offer. If anything, birds like Ann Coulter have brought America to her knees and made our once-magnificent country the sneeringstock of the world, and a target of nearly universal hatred and fear.

Yet how would “Princess Ann” see any reason at all that some people might damn America for what it did to them and their forebears? This would be like asking a jackal to kiss instead of devour a weeping lamb. Maybe it’s something else – perhaps someone needs to research Ms. Coulter’s childhood and write a book about it – along the lines of Norman Mailer’s “Castle in the Forest.”

Coulter is fuming at Rev. Wright because he dared tell the National Press Club, where she is a live-action joke, that America is still a country of "segregation, Jim Crow, lynching and the separate-but-equal fantasy."


Why is she angry?

Try as I might I cannot see that America is not those things. America is also good things but when Wright speaks of “America” he doesn’t speak of Ann Coulter’s America – he speaks of his and his congregation’s America, from their perspective, not hers.

Can anyone argue that America is not a country now once again embracing segregation?

Can we say that Blacks are now not lynched?

It may be that only one or two African Americans are actually hung by their necks until dead from the nearest oak tree today – but Rev. Wright speaks of another variety of lynching – the sort that Coulter is enthusiastic about along with many in the mainstream media who are not only taking Wright’s remarks out of context – but out of the “substance” itself.

Is the recycled Neocon pap parroted by Coulter, “separate but equal,” not a prima facie example of the archetypal oxymoron? Of course it is! It's an oxymoron invented by morons. How poetic can one get? In what manner, under what interpretation can people be “separate and equal” if the separation is caused by bigotry, racism, or differences in bank balances?

Do you really believe that you are equal to Bill Gates or David Rockefeller? The only way this might be true is in the Eyes of God. In the eyes of anyone else, you’re most likely a poor second.

Little Ann Coulter is also irate that Rev. Wright claims that America has become a nation which:

  1. supported a "racist regime of South Africa" and "the Contras, who were killing the peasants and the Miskito Indians in those two countries";
  2. is a country that "cuts food stamps and spends billions fighting in an unjust war in Iraq";
  3. a country that sent "over 4,000 American boys and girls of every race to die over a lie"; and
  4. "[W]here I can worship God on Sunday morning wearing a black clergy robe and kill others on Sunday evening wearing a white Klan robe."

I see nothing in error about those statements.

They are true – brutal, but true. They are not the “whole” truth – but true enough to make a good American wince.

Then, to top herself, Coulter makes a sick joke about murderous Klan members – thousands of whom still exist, still burn Black churches, and still murder African-Americans:

(Unless, like me, you do all your Klan-related murdering on "casual Fridays.")

This is supposed to be funny?

Ann Coulter is mentally ill.

Her illness, being eaten alive by hatred, is untreatable.

Jeff Koopersmith is a political consultant, opinion research authority, policy analyst, and self-described "renegade lobbyist." He lives in Philadelphia, Washington and Geneva.

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