• Gas tax holiday is DOA in the House
• Donald Rumsfeld "was setting up his chain of denials should his actions ever be questioned"
• Supposedly Neutral Pollster Frank Luntz Brags About Persuading His Focus Group Members to Favor McCain
• May Election Preview: Swing State Project Picks Races Worth Watching
• S&R: Hagee story yields cricket chirps as supine media applies the McCain standard" and the rise of the Calphalon Candidate"
• Federal Reserve to Pursue Aggressive Crack Down on Credit Card Industry
• FTC to probe oil price tampering
• Never a Scandal with John McCain, no matter what he does
• Wikipedia blocks DOJ IP address
• Baptist Minister Asks McCain: "Did You Call Your Wife a C**t?"
• Defection of Longtime Superdelegate Jolts Clinton
• AK-Sen: More Trouble for Stevens, New Investigation
• Cable News Shrinking?
• Secret Docs Show Telecoms, Admin Talks on Immunity
• Military General Propaganda story: Colonel (Ret.) Ken Allard admits he had a 'conflicts of interest'

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