On Coulter: From Racist Attacks to Weathermen

Jeff Koopersmith finally admits Ann Coulter is an expert on America – the way it was when she was all of seven years old.

April 24, 2008 – Geneva (apj.us) – Ann Coulter continues to write about a history of which she knows nothing as she also continues her putative support of Hillary Clinton's campaign to gain the Democratic nomination for President.

This week, her latest offering, You Don't Need a Weatherman to Know Which Candidate Blows, shows her throwing a few punches at people who surround Hillary Clinton and praises the Senator for taking some shots at MoveOn.org because of its support for Barack Obama and its position opposing a United States attack on Afghanistan designed to take out terrorist Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda. She also claims that no serious Democrat defended Bill Clinton against wacko congress-twit Bob Barr and wife-cheater Newt "Poontang Express" Gingrich along with the rest of the House Managers, thirteen goons who wasted the nation’s time and a hundred million dollars trying to impeach Clinton for his private sexual escapades.

Saint Coulter, who was by that time in her mid-thirties and a virgin, should know better.

Not only did almost every serious Democrat defend President Clinton, but so did 30 percent of Republicans.

In fact, Bill Clinton not only survived the lunatic-conceived “impeachment” but lived on to watch the political death of most every Republican involved, including Gingrich, his near-successor Bob Livingston, and Kenneth Starr, who has today been reduced to coaching his trumped-up variety of “the law” at “Malibu U,” otherwise known as filling the Richard Mellon Scaife Chair at a third rate college.

Yet Coulter’s primary target this week is once more Senator Barack Obama, who opposes “her candidate” Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries.

She again labels him “B. Hussein Obama” in a bigoted attempt to link him with Islamic terrorists, and attempt as sleazy as the little black cocktail dresses she favors when appearing on morning news shows.

She repackages her attacks on his relationship with his pastor, Marine veteran Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who had the gall to label people like Coulter for what she truly is – a spiritually disheveled racist.

This week, however, Coulter exhumes, of all things, The Weather Underground, the loosely-knit radical group  that replaced the disintegrating Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) in 1969, which was active when Ann was still wetting her bed in Connecticut. She reminds us that Barack Obama is “friends” with former Weatherman William Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn, who were both violently active during the racial and antiwar upheavals of the late 1960s through 1975.  By that time Coulter was Connecticut country club Barbie and most likely had a poster of half-dressed Bobby Seal on her bedroom wall that made her Dad cringe.

Coulter, who can’t see the beach for the grains of sand even today, couldn’t possibly have appreciated the never-ending degradation that Black Americans had endured, by then, for about 300 years. She couldn’t possibly have felt even a scintilla of responsibility for their plight, nor would she care to. Even now, looking back on this shameful period which witnessed Black American parents sacrificing their kids by the thousands in Vietnam does not move Coulter’s stone heart even an inch. Those boys couldn’t get student deferments like her super-hero Dick Cheney because most could not gain entry to college either because they were ill prepared by their slovenly and under-funded ghetto schools, or because they could not pay the tuition, or – worst of all – just because they were Black.

Coulter, a sightless Neo-fascist through and through, attempts (as do all fascists) to rewrite history from her infected perspective.

While it is true that the Weatherman, later the Weather Underground, committed what appear to naïve and plain stupid Ann Coulter as unpardonable sins, she conveniently forgets that the American Government committed far more and far worse transgressions during this era, including the wholesale slaughter of millions of Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Laotians – for nothing, nothing at all. She forgets that my childhood friend Jeff Miller was murdered by the National Guard at Kent State. She forgets that in the South there still existed ‘Colored Only’ drinking fountains, restaurants that would not serve African-Americans, and hotels who would take in black travelers because most would not.

In fact, the U.S. Government finally recognized the error of its ways in part because of the SDS, the Weathermen, and the Black Panthers. That’s a tough thing to say – but it is the truth, Ann. Violent reaction to indigestible and indefensible government atrocities is nothing novel. History abounds with revolts against such governments or leaders – especially American history.

Ms. Coulter, I assume will now tell us that the American Revolution was also reprehensible and that we should return with our heads hung low to our status as a British Colony, or that we should undo our Civil War and bring back slavery.

Sometimes people are forced into violence by their own governments. When this happens it is generally not the people’s error. Somehow Coulter believes that everyone involved in demonstrations or violence against detestable government policies and actions should crawl on their knees to the White House and beg forgiveness for not blindly following the law even if that law is based on hypocrisy.

She rants that Dohrn and Ayers do not act contrite for their actions at the time. Yet the fact is that many young men and women of that period are now ashamed they did not join those who lent a hand waking up Americans to the felonies being perpetrated in their names.

She rants that these despicable characters bombed “the Pentagon, the Capitol, historic statues and various police stations.” Yet she never asks or tells us why. That makes her a liar yet again – a liar by omission, her cunning specialty.

Here's a fundamental fact of human behavior, Ann: maniacal times create maniacal people. Ayers, Dohrn and tens of thousands of young men and women around the world said and did things during this period of which I am sure they never dreamed they were capable, yet they set out not for selfish reasons but instead for what they believed were ethical principles.

Did they go too far? Perhaps.

Yet some would argue they did not go far enough – and by a large measure.

Let 2001 through 2008 – The Bush Legacy – be your guide. Today we have come full circle with a medieval President, a petty dry drunk who combines the philosophical extremism of Leo Strauss with the personal deportment of South Park cartoon character Eric Cartman, operating in what has grown to be more or less a Homeland Security police state established under the pretense of protecting its citizens.

So by the standard of the world as it is today, the SDS, Weathermen, and Panthers may have changed a few things nearly 40 years ago, but in the end they accomplished nothing. In the end, the National Security State triumphed.

We are back to square one, with nitwits like Coulter arguing for inane propositions like Black-on-White racism.

We have a Supreme Court that thinks the death penalty is a deterrent to insanity-based crime.

We have more Black men in prison than on the streets it seems – for nothing much more than selling a drug to make the bleak world seem a little brighter to those who are stunned by poverty.

We have Mr. Bush feeding the religious fundamentalist treasure chests with his phony faith-based program giveaways that back priograms that don't work – or make social problems even worse – while he attacks religious fundamentalism not based on the Southern Baptist flavor of Christianity.

Ann Coulter sits back in her Palm Beach apartment and writes nothing about the nearly 1 billion people who are now starving around the world because her commodity-trading fans on Wall Street are busy driving up the price of rice and wheat beyond the pocketbooks of so many of the pitiable.of

She couldn't care less about the nearly 200 million of those ravenous who are just babies.

Ms. Coulter writes nothing about the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis who never planned even to use a slingshot against America – and died so that Bush Junior could get his war on.

She does not take note millions of families losing their homes in the United States because of her friends, criminal bankers.

She cares not that the world is sinking under a conflagration of pollution.

She embraces only power – for her and her criminal dictatorial friends.

Coulter writes:

[T]he Weathermen were also incompetent terrorists.

It appears she is, sorrowfully, correct.

Jeff Koopersmith is a political consultant, opinion research authority, policy analyst, and self-described "renegade lobbyist." He lives in Philadelphia, Washington and Geneva.

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