• White House challenges release of visitor logs;
• PA Primary: Clinton warned to win decisively or it's over
• Faux ‘Bittergate' Media Storm Shows How Blogs Have Spread Panic in US Journalism
• A Guide to the NY Times Bombshell on Military/Media Propaganda
• Homeowners Could Get New Federal Loans
• Feds want traveler prints at US exit
• Clinton: We Will "Totally Obliterate" Iran If They Attack Israel
• NJ: Constitution protects online privacy; prosecutirs must obtain grand jury subpoenas
• Hillary Clinton on Larry King: Would "Without a Doubt" Campaign for Obama
• Things Overheard: When JAGs rebel
• VA cover-up of no. of vets who tried to take own lives?
• General: Army needs 'stop-loss' until late 2009
• CBS Debate Cancelled, Katie Couric Only Network Anchor Without One
• Despite Promise to Abolish Earmarks, McCain Uses Earmark-Funded Ferry as Campaign Trail Backdrop
• Boot, Podhoretz: Pentagon Propaganda Machine Is No Big Deal, All is Well, No Problem, Ignorance Is Strength…
• Rice ducks for cover in Green Zone
• Billing records tie Rep. Don Young (R-Crook), Abramoff
• It's Time to Defund Torture
• How Larry Johnson and Pat Lanf scooped the NY Times on Pentagon-media-contracts scandal… two years ago!
• Bring It on II: Condi Rice is an imbecile
• Former DoJ Official Robert Coughlin to Plead Guilty in Abramoff Investigation
• CO-Sen: Bob Schaffer (R-Abramoff) asks, "What forced abortions in the American Marianas?"

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