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WaPo takes on McCain's short fuse in front page article
• Frank Rich: "I can't remember a debate in which the only memorable moment was the audience's heckling of a moderator."
• Michael Collins: Election Fraud in Pennsylvania?
• Military medical errors, malpractice immune to redress
• For Democrats, worrisome divide along class lines
• Condi Rice to visit Iraq in desperate gambit to claim the surge is working
• Lies, Damn Lies And Eliminationist Rhetoric in a NYT Book Review
• U.S. commanders urge wider Pakistan attacks
• Siegelman speaks: Rove must testify
• Joe Conason to Obama: Get ready for the "Clinton rules"
• Is Chris Matthews Running for Office?
• "Military Experts" Are the Pentagon's Propaganda Tools inside Cable News Outlets
• Bush Approval Collapse – 28.3% And Going Down, Sez Charles Franklin
• What About Sean Hannity's Terrorist Friend Hal Turner?
• Obama Draws Largest Crowd of His Campaign at Philadelphia Rally
• Anti-U.S. Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr is threatening a new uprising if an American-Iraqi crackdown against his followers continues

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