• Imus: still a dessicated ex-junkie bigot douchebag – and those are his endearing traits!
• Young officials at Guantànamo dreamed up a list of aggressive interrogation techniques inspired by a TV series' fistional character
• Parties' Split Most Apparent on Health Care
• Glenn Greenwald: Ken Pollack admits the term "Al Qaeda" is the new "Emmanuel Goldstein"
• Questions for George Stephanopoulos to Ask John McCain This Sunday
• Gibson's capital-gains tax assertion during debate disputed by economists
• Where are Cindy's McCain's tax returns? And why is the McCain campaign lying?
• Bug off, little people: Bush names former pest-control exec as housing secretary
• ABC's Charlie Gibson Caught Sandbagging Presidential Candidates with Fudged Numbers
• USDA Accused of Bullying Inspectors Who Reported Safety Violations

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