• Rolling back privatization: House Votes to End Use of Private Tax Collectors; Senate Version Will Go to Committee
• Media critics, public condemn ABC's so-called "debate"
• How Obama and the ex-radical turned community activist became news (it's called "swiftboating")
• Hunger Causing Rising Anger Across the Globe
• 90% Give US Economy Poor Rating… 56% Want Out of Iraq
• "We are dealing… with a deeply decadent and deeply entrenched class of courtiers in the late stages of Bloated Beltway Media Empire"
• Death Toll in Baghdad Bombing Rises to 60
• Joe Scarborough Walks Off MSNBC's "Race to the White House" After Exchange with Rachel Maddow
• Social Security: Still Secure
• FOX "News" carpet bombs Obama
• Sex-Crazed Pundit Class Associates With White Supremacists; McCain Embraces America Haters
• NYT's Lichtblau: Bush Torture Program And CIA Tape Destruction ‘Could Lead To Criminal Action'

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