• ABC Debate: C&L brings you the so-called "debate's" greatest hits
• ABC Debate: Will Bunch blasts Gibby, Steph for their "disgrace" of a so-called debate
• ABC Debate: Stephanopoulos' Bizarre Ayers Question Spoon-fed from Sean Hannity
• Attention ABC: You're HURTING America!

• Al Qaeda Documents Reveal 'Surprisingly Bureaucratic And Persistently Fractious' Organization
• McCain: "I'm very pleased with the relationship that I've had with the media over many years"
• Genuinely Stupid, Didn't-Check-First New York Post Editor Falsely Declares Legendary Restaurateur Dead
• For Chris Matthews, misogyny pays
• Goodbye To All That (#2): The media's double standard regarding Hillary Clinton
• Again, Government's Kooky "Jihad Boots" Cult Terrorism Case Goes Bust
• Curt Weldon transfers $70K to legal defense fund
• Freedom's Watch Ad Illegally Written By GOP, Democrats Say
• Iraq Removes Top Military, Police Commanders After Botched Basra Crackdown
• Could John McCain – and his advisers – actually be dumber than George W. Bush?
• Surprise! Housing bill turns into tax breaks for big business!

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