Vegetable Talking Points

Who’s writing the Republican talking points these days? The Jolly Green Giant?

In their frantic efforts to staple the “elitist” tag to Barack Obama’s bitter body, two of the most elite, RNC-owned commentators used their talk show appearances this past Sunday to talk about vegetables, in exactly the same words.

Appearing on NBC’s Meet The Press, Mary Matalin, in her trademark shrill, fingernails-on-the-chalkboard voice, compared Obama’s talk about Whole Foods arugula in Iowa to Michael Dukakis’ comments on Belgian endive during the 1988 campaign. The rest of the MTP panel, which included her husband, James Carville, had no idea what she was talking about and responded with incredulous looks wondering if all that botox had gone to her brain.

At the same moment, on ABC’s This Week program, Professional GOP Elitist George Will made the same comparison. Same Belgian endive, same Whole Foods arugula, same pompous, condescending mannerisms.

And it’s not just the conservative talking heads who are parroting the vegetable talking points. In this morning’s New York Times, what food combination do you suppose Maureen Dowd wrote about? You guessed it, endive and arugula, Obama and Dukakis, disdain and disgust.

I miss the good old days of red meat conservatism.

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