• $3 Trillion Campaign Reveals The Cost Of Quagmire
• McCain, Military Hate the Troops Oppose Expanding GI Bill
• Report: CIA transited 3 terror suspects through Germany
• Iraq car bomb toll climbs to 60
• Olbermann bests O'Reilly on "Most Powerful" list
• "It's Stupid's Economy"
• Obama vs. Clinton on probing the corruption and crime of direct predecessors
• Covering up for morons: AP scrubbed Hadley's reportedly mistaken reference to "Nepal"
• Iraqi government funds groups that bomb Americans
• Fired U.S. Attorney: Use of FBI to Contact Jurors "Smells of Intimidation"
• "A War Of Sexual Humiliation"
• GOP Rep. Geoff Davis (R-Racist Ass) On Obama: "That Boy" Could Not Be Commander-in-Chief
• AP Chief Asks Barack About "Obama bin Laden"
• Murdoch, Zell Appointed to AP Board
• State Department resisted bill lifting Mandela's travel restrictions.
• McCain Attacks the Press, Who Then Offer Him His 'Favorite Treat' of Coffee and Donuts
• As lawsuit is filed, DNC says McCain may break laws 'daily'

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