• Dick Cheney was never a "grown up": Sidney Blumenthal takes a hard look at how one man changed the face of Neoconservatism
• As experts long warned, Islamic militants steeped in urban warfare against U.S. troops in Iraq have expanded their violent campaign beyond Iraq's borders. Thank you, George Bush Junior…
• You want the real issues? Tom Tomorrow on "America: The Land of Hope "
• The solar energy you haven't heard of is the one best suited to generate clean electricity for generations to come
• Wall Street Journal Parody — With A Topless Ann Coulter — Rankles Murdoch In Real Life And On YouTube
• This Is Not Torture
• Don Siegelman 'turned the tables' on corrupt Justice Dept.
• FOX News Sunday: Bill Kristol Says Iraq is Good" for McCain; Williams Says Kristol "Strains Credibility"
• Joe Lauria predicts war with Iran thanks to Cheney — when we should be inventing alternate energy sources
• Secret Iraqi Arms Deal With Serbia Exposes Corruption, Inefficiency
• Watch This! The Freeway Blogger Is Baaack!

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