• Iraq: Three Trillion Dollar Shopping Spree
• Judge dismisses challenge to lobbying disclosure law; national Association of Manufacturers really miffed
• Profiling Tweety Matthews: Leibovich entertains well in his piece, but misses some important points
• Bush does damage control on troop withdrawal comment.
• Top Aide to Al-Sadr Assassinated in Iraq
• IOC's dark fears of terrorism
• Obama responds to 'bitter' attacks — with brilliant put-down of both Clinton 'out of touch' codger McCain
• Problems brewing at CBS News
• Media For McCain: Full Context of Obama's Comments on Rural Life
• McCain's "record" on campaign finance is going to be a criminal record
• George Bush, War Criminal: I Was Aware of Harsh Tactics Meetings, and It Was Fine by Me
• Secret Military Gear Found For Sale On eBay, Craigslist
• Conyers Invites Ashcroft, Tenet, Feith, and Addington for Hearing on Use of Torture
• What If Our Occupation of Iraq Becomes Illegal?
• Mukasey's Day on the Hill: More confusion about that "incoming" call from Al Qaeda
• Boston newsman protests Billo's undeserved Emmy Award

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