• A Miami Beach company under investigation for selling faulty munitions to the U.S. Army erroneously appeared as a minority-owned company on millions of dollars worth of government weapons contracts
• Lying liar Michael Mukasey: Glenn Greenwald analyses Mukasey's false 9/11 and FISA claims
• Biased New York Times explains Winter Soldier blackout — to paraphrase, "F$#@ these whiners. We just don't care"
• FEC 'Toothless,' 'Neutered,' and 'A Paralyzed Enforcer' — But, Hey, Who Needs Election Oversight?
• Cindy McCain vehemently denies hubby had affair with Iseman
• Katie Couric Turned Down Early Show Offer, Suggested Replacing Larry King In Meeting With CBS Executives
• Navy officer took call girl job for "DC Madam"; how many pols did she bonk?
• Read Full Brief Filed by House General Counsel Here
• Middle class hit by debt, econ. woes
• Did Conn. AG Richard Blumenthal lie about Lieberman non-'hack?'
• Jury Foreman in Cyril Wecht Case: Prosecution "Politically Driven"
• McCain Refuses To Reject Bush Doctrine Of Preventive War: I Can't Make a 'Blanket Statement'
• Bush embraces more American casualties, death in his Iraq war

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