On Coulter: Courting Professional Death, Ann Tips the Neocons’ “Obama Is a Racist” Hand

Jeff Koopersmith: Coulter said too much, revealing the Right's scheme to label Obama a racist and use his family to prove it.

April 10, 2008 – Lugano (apj.us) – I have written often about my fear surrounding our upcoming presidential contest that might find Senator Barack Obama pitted against John McCain.

That dread is based on what I know about hard-hitting Republican politics and wife-beating Nneocon political strategists who use or are led by the likes of Ann Coulter, who defends her deeply bigoted commentary with the pretense of being a champion of civil rights

For the past several weeks, Coulter has been reading Barack Obama’s book and poring through his speeches and interviews  to make the weak, harebrained case that Barack Obama is the racist – and worse, that his family and background somehow demonstrate this.

I find her statements revolting, akin to the lame argument she has made in the past, namely that elasticity in admitting Black American kids to college is somehow racism aimed at Whites.

This is a dangerous tactic – pitting White against Black and ergo Black against White in a hateful and inane effort Coulter exploits in an attempt to destroy Mr. Obama.

In trith, Ms. Coulter and her torch-carrying, cross-burning thug cohorts posing as intellects don’t really care if you believe Obama is a racist. What she and they are aiming for is to frighten you into believing that electing a Black American to the presidency, or even considering it, will result in escalation of racial discord so violent that is might be best to vote otherwise.

Coulter, it seems, has already decided that Hillary Clinton won’t be the Democratic nominee, although she attacks Clinton viciously “just in case.”

It is Obama, however, who is her target du week, and the target of every tobacco-chewing, "kike"-cursing, "spick"-chasing, "chink"-hating, "slope"-slapping, "nigger"-dragging, pickup-driving, Stars'n'Bars-flying, beer-chugging redneck stooge in America.

True, there are not as many of them today, but these racist ruffians can and do cause a great deal of pain and heartache. They worship the Neocons, of course. That was the new conservative plan all along: target the dumbest, most slovenly minds in the nation and convince them to twist their hatred for themselves instead toward people who don’t fit into their “style” or lack thereof. Believe me, the men and women I have just described believe they are the “true” Americans – and that anyone else is simply not worthy of being one.

One needs only to ask the million dead Iraqi non-combatants to see clearly how a small group of Neofascist Americans can impact not only our society but the world.

Do not underestimate them. Be on guard. For they will destroy America even more than they have already before sharing whatever is left of our goodness and treasure with the rest of the earth. .

Coulter titles her latest cyberdiarrhea “Dreams From My Father, Lame Excuses From My Grandfather” – attempting to make a mockery of Senator Obama’s biography, which must have been painful to write and is far more revealing than most such political resumés.

Somehow, Coulter links the death of a Chinese graduate student who was killed by a car while being chased by a group of Black kids in New York to Senator Obama. Coulter writes:

Since a Chinese graduate student at Columbia University, Minghui Yu, was killed last Friday when black youths violently set upon him, sending him running into traffic to escape, I think B. Hussein Obama ought to start referring to the mind-set of the "typical Asian person.

Take notice of the nuance. Coulter calls what turns out to be a 13 year old boy a “youth” rather than a kid. The Black kid punched the Chinese graduate student. The student ran and was hit by a vehicle and died. What in heaven’s name does that have to do with Mr. Obama’s discussion of the mindset of Black or White Americans?


Coulter moves right from this gangrenous anecdote to Obama’s narrative about his grandmother thinking like a “typical white person,” as he put it. She accuses Obama, if you can believe this, of providing “only” one incident of evidence that his grandmother (a White woman) was afraid of Black men. Senator Obama quotes his grandfather regarding his grandmother’s remark in that regard.

Ms. Coulter then labels Obama’s grandfather a “good for nothing, chronically unemployed white grandfather” and “shiftless” (this is a key racist word applied to Blacks for generations) who accused his grandmother of being a racist so he would not have to drive her to work. (She had been upset by a Black man harassing her at a bus stop the day before.)

When Obama’s grandfather told him the reason his grandmother wanted a ride to work, implying at least that she was a racist, Obama wrote: "The words were like a fist in my stomach, and I wobbled to regain my composure."

Coulter concludes from this that Obama felt that way because he was reminded “that he came from a long line of callow, worthless men, both black and white.”

Hard to believe though it may be, Ann Coulter has magically divined what actually happened that morning at Obama’s grandparent’s home! She tells us that Obama “swallowed” his grandfather’s “pathetic excuse hook, line and sinker.”Amazing!  Coulter, who has no direct knowledge of this or any incident in Obama's life whatsoever, concludes that Obama is “deranged” for bringing up this story as “evidence” that his grandmother thought like “a typical white person.”

I know nothing more than Ms. Coulter about this incident. However I do know – and I feel – that if I had been born from a Black dad and White mom, and found myself with my White grandparents feuding over racism, I would have had a pretty tough time of it, especially living in America as is was at that time – and even today. Those words from his grandfather, had they been said to me, would have stung like a thousand cuts – wondering if even my own grandmother was a racist. Wondering if she was afraid of me, too.

Senator Obama added, "I knew that men who might easily have been my brothers could still inspire their rawest fears."

Coulter snidely remarks this is true only if his brothers were “menacing people at bus stops”

Here's a question for Terry Jeffrey, the editor of Human Events: how can you – or anyone – publish such a statement? It is beyond any explanation.

To cap her filthy diatribe, she asks how it is that Senator Obama “has no problem” with Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s so-called manifest racism.

This is a paramount manifestation not only of Ms. Coulter’s absolute inanity and absurd analysis of the times, but also of her personal delight at hurting someone for no reason other than the color of his skin.

It is Ms. Coulter who is the prima facie, ipso facto, res judicata bigot – and one of most terrible proportion.

Labeling Rev. Jeremiah Wright – a Marine veteran who she must know has suffered intolerable treatment and witnessed the harshest suffering of Black Americans during his lifetime – as a racist is beyond doubt inexcusable.

In a more civilized country, Ann Coulter would be prosecuted for hate speech of the worst kind. In a few hundred words, she has argued that Senator Obama is somehow a bigot, insulted his family, insulted his distressing memories, and jokingly belittled the fact that Black Americans have had to suffer for hundreds of years, a fact that endures to this day.

She ends her muck by having the audacity to lecture Senator Obama:

Your grandmother wasn't a racist, Barack. Your grandpa was just a loser. Can we wrap up our national conversation about race now? I think we'd like to move onto questions about your stupid plan to hold talks with Iran.

These are the vapid ravings of a lunatic, a sociopath so out of touch with her surroundings and the truth that she could be capable of anything, even murder.

I choose to believe that Ann Coulter, because of her own disappointment at becoming America’s preeminent laughingstock, has simply lost her mind and is in the depths of despair from which she must surely suffer.

She has made the choice to commit professional suicide.

Jeff Koopersmith is a political consultant, opinion research authority, policy analyst, and self-described "renegade lobbyist." He lives in Philadelphia, Washington and Geneva.

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