Cheney, Rummy and Ashcroft? 24's jack Bauer is their hero…

• Busted! CT Attorney General Dick "Dick" Blumenthal lied about Lieberman "hacker" case
• Poll: Bush approval hits new low
• Randi Rhodes quits censorious Air America, joins up with Shelly Drobny's no-holds-barred Nova M prpogressive radio network
• Bush embraces more American casualties, death in his Iraq war
• While The Dems Fight, David Brock Starting Up Multi-Million Dollar Campaign To Go After McCain
• Veterans Affairs refuses to provide voter registration for wounded
• Sunday's news today: NY Times Mag profiles Chris Matthews as insecure, social-climbing loose cannon
• Top Bush regime officials approved interrogation tactics
• Scoobie Davis Video: A Six Minute Primer on the World's Most Powerful Cult

More below the fold…

• A US Colonel Was Killed with Two Other GIs in a Mortar Attack on the Green Zone on Sunday
• White House, Pentagon Agree that Iraqi Forces Remain Unprepared to Lead Security Mission
• Rep. Wexler Asks Gen Petraeus What "Victory" Would Mean
• The Key Moment: No, We're Not Safer Because of Iraq
• McCain is a campaign finance criminal. He can't be trusted. Obama should never make any campaign spending agreement with McCain. Ever.

• Democrats Shy Away from Iraq Money Fight
• Army Under Stress From Long Wars
• What did Lieberman do with slush fund?
• Because of Congressional Oversight, F.A.A. is finally getting around to making sure airlines are complying with safety.
• House subpoena seeks EPA – White House documents
• Clashes in Baghdad's Sadr City kill 20
• Big Coal's All Too Cozy Relationship With the W.V. Supreme Court Under Fire
• Anti-Immigration "Attack" of Melanie Bowers Was Faked… by Bowers Herself
• Nationals Lawyers Guild calls for Yoo's disbarment.
• Chris Matthews Clowns (in the Bob Somerby meaning of the word) for NY Times Mag
• Pentagon To Patrick McHenry (R-Traitor): Stop Threatening Troop Security!
• Mississippi Justice Oliver Diaz Jr.: Bush-appointed US Attorney Dunnica Lampton targeted my wife, supporters and friends

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