• Joe Biden Obliterates Every Administration Argument About Iraq — to Crocker's and Petraeus's faces!
• Countdown: Former NSA Director Picks Apart Petraeus, Crocker Propaganda
• Crocker Vastly Overstates Progress On Iraq Benchmarks
• Sen Menendez to Amb. Crocker: Reconstruction billions have worsened everyday Iraqi life
• Watch Crocker admit Al Qaeda on Afghanistan-Pakistan border bigger threat so-called "Al Qaeda in Iraq™"
• While Petraeus testifies, US embassy Iraq employees ordered to sleep in their offices
• Petraeus Hedges On Whether Iraq War Makes U.S. Safer: 'It Can Only Be Answered By History'
• Clinton: "It's Time to Begin The Orderly Process of Removing Our Troops"
• FBI taped lawmaker calls during probe of Rep. Rick Renzi (R-Indicted)
• Chertoff invokes A-bomb as Bush quietly links cybersecurity project with NSA
• "Boom" a Bust, Leaving Middle Class Behind
• IMF Predicts Mortgage Crisis Could Cost $1 Trillion
• The 10 Pieces Of U.S. Infrastructure We Must Fix Now
• MediaBistro.com gloms on to this coming Sunday's NY Times Mag feature article on Chris Matthews… and offers up some juicy teasers
• Conyers Schedules Hearing with John "Torture" Yoo
• Democrats Exceptionally Well Positioned to Expand Majority in Senate
• Federal Reserve worried about 'prolonged and severe' recession

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