Hillary Clinton?s Fatal Mistake: Losing Mark Penn

Wannabes and Clinton gals succeed in water cooler coup
Rest of Glover Park Group and Howard Wolfson to follow
Maybe even Bill Clinton will get the boot!

April 7, 2008 – Lugano (apj.us) – I would have laughed out loud at “Junior” Broder’s New York Times column (Broder got his own job because of his corporate connections through his Daddy) this morning were it not for my conviction that Senator Clinton may have hammered the final nail in her political coffin by allowing Mark Penn to absent himself from her campaign.

Broder wants you to believe that Mark Penn would sell out Hillary Clinton for a fee from the Colombian Ambassador working for better U.S.-Colombian trade relations.

“Junior” Broder is almost as big a Village dupe as his father.

The big to-do surrounding Mark Penn at the Clinton Campaign started last May with the far-left Nation criticizing Mr. Penn because, it seems to me, writer Ari Berman believed that Penn earns too much money.

Ari Melber, also of the Nation, pointed us toward Berman in a blurb posted to the magazine’s web site late last night announcing with a little parenthetical glee that Penn was saying ‘sayonara’ to the bevy of middle-aged cheerleaders and political rabble that seem to be doing everything within their power to help themselves rather than the former First Lady.

I’m not sure what this “Ari Club” at The Nation is about, but someone ought to look into it, and her name is Katrina vandenHeuvel, who believes she and her staff still live in the sixties.

Naive people like Mr. Sherman and Mr. Broder are not fond of Mr. Penn because he is smart, wealthy, powerful on an international scale, and doesn’t preen. Nor is he interested in Olympic-style bike racing, jogging, couture for men, or the latest hair style from Fred Fekkai.

Both Sherman and Broder, small minds that they are, cannot resist poking fun at Mark Penn for his interest in representing his clients over his interest in cheap television definitions of ‘presentability.’ I can tell you this, from experience: there is not anyone who works harder or more devotedly than Penn, whom I’ve seen put in twenty-hour days for weeks at a time – not for himself, but for his clients.

Here are two examples of below-the-belt personal criticisms from these so-called “journalists”:

  • From Ari Berman of The Nation: “Mark Penn, a portly, combative workaholic.”
  • From “Baby” Broder of the New York Times: “For months, many have wondered why Mrs. Clinton had protected the gruff, rumpled strategist.”

One wonders how these two journalist dirtbags describe Maggie Williams, Patti Doyle, or Howard Wolfson behind their backs.

I can only guess.

I also question what the editors of the Times and the Nation actually do for living. Certainly they choose not to edit out mean-spiritedness and jealousy in what are supposed to be hard news stories – not third-grade mentality, Slop-Ed, ad hominem attacks.

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