Now We Pay Iraqis to Kill Each Other

Jeff Koopersmith on Junior's policy geniuses and your tax dollars at work.

April 4, 2008 – Lugano ( – Over a thousand Iraqi soldiers are deserting their posts or refusing to battle against their Shiite countrymen is Basra this week. These are not just President Nouri al-Maliki’s general infantry, but also his officers including very senior military leaders who don’t have the stomach to murder their neighbors it seems.

I suppose that it makes no difference to most Americans who support this war who we pay to do the gutting – our boys and girls or Iraqi boys and girls. One way or the other George Bush and his sidekick Dick Cheney want to prove to Americans that their so-called surge worked well, and that now Iraq can finish off the rest of the troublemakers without much American help. It’s the Bush-Cheney legacy, no?


While the President of the United States and his marioneta suprema pesadilla Secretary of Non-Diplomatic State Condi Rice were in Bucharest yesterday, they provided the world and the press an illustriou showcase of American non-influence, revelaing not only how powerless they are to expand NATO in the company of the Ukraine and Georgia but concurrently kissing the grander-every-day buttocks of Russian czar Vladimir Putin at a swank Romanian dinner party.

Mr. al-Maliki-ibn-Puppet-Delusimani was crying in a paroxysm or humiliation at Baghdad on the subject of his AWOL fighters. “They swore on the Koran and they lied!” he wept.

I am no expert on Islamic Law, but I am certain that the Koran does not castigate those who refuse to kill their Islamic neighbors – Shiite, Sunni, Sufi, Hashemi, Wah'habi or whatever, even if they have sworn on it. I would think Mohammed, in his wisdom, might regard this murder-for-hire scheme as a kind of thuggish entrapment that does not count. Under the Koran, it is not a sin to turn one’s back on an immoral plan before it’s too late, even if Ann Coulter thinks so.

The story of Bush’s delayed-for-years inspiration to “Iraqify” the military and police reads like a cheap musical comedy if so many innocents were not victims of his dawdling mind. First, had he listened to anyone with a brain – instead of heeding those with wallets fit to bust – he would have from the start put the Iraqi armed forces and police back in action. Instead he placed Boy Wonder and Kissinger klone L. Paul “Jerry” Bremer III in place as the Viceroy of Iraq – insuring the death of thousands of our kids almost immediately.

Jerry the Third came in last.

Since that worked out well, Bush decided to up the ante and slaughter more American boys and girls and innocent Iraqis per day by using his ‘magic surge.’ Despite what you hear from the sworn putative deaf, this is not working either. Yet he is “A War Preznit” – so what else should we expect?

Remember, George Bush Junior promised military wives and children that many of their dads would be home sooner rather than later. Well, that’s off as well. It appears we will have to continue to kill Iraqis for Mr. al-Maliki and crank up the hatred against us to new levels once again.

Nouri al-Maliki (It is rumored that Bush’s nickname for the Iraqi president is “Al”) didn’t waste a moment after the grand desertion and called up ten thousand Shiite troops to join his armed forces ignoring the Sunnis as usual. Now he has almost 40,000 braves in Basra. The Pentagon believes that only a couple of thousand will desert based on the number that deserted yesterday. This works out to four percent a day – so I give Maliki another 25 days or less before he calls in the Marines and lures back the British.

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