Little Bitch – Frank Rich

The New York Times' ex-theater critic joins the Hate Hillary Press Heathers to feather his nest.

Feb. 25, 2008 – Geneva ( – Keep in mind that Frank Rich used to earn his living humiliating playwrights, actors, musicians and others. He was not known as “The Butcher of Broadway” for his emotional balance. He is now a prime example of a mean liar that people used to rely on for advice about which musical to see.

A few years ago – to save his career – he became an overnight political commentator – and one without much merit even if he does criticize FOX News now and then. It really doesn’t take a genius to see what Rupert Murdoch and that gasbag Roger Ailes are up to.

It seems most of the well-known and not-so-well-known policy and politics wonks are sticking their necks out this week to batter Hillary Clinton and her campaign – even before we know the results in Texas and Ohio.

Frank Rich is one of them.

Little girl Frank went further than most though, and flagrantly waved his Obama pennant this Sunday with absolutely no pretense of being any less hate-filled than, say, Ann Coulter. I am not sure whether Mr. Rich is now invited more often to the laughable parties thrown by Ben Bradley and (speaking of female canines) Sally Quinn Bradley of the biased Washington Post, or that he’s been tapped by Senator Obama to be his Oval Office press spokesperson. Whichever the case, Mr. Rich has confidently lined up with the Hillary-hating Press Heathers, although one is pressed to find a rational reason at all why these people should loathe Senator Clinton. Yes, as First Lady, Mrs. Clinton declined invitations to "socialize" with the pretentious hypocrites that fill the role of "priviliged society" in our nation's capitol – which aroused the ire of self-important social hypocrites like Quinn. Neocon commentators have been brutalizing her for 16 years and for little or no reason except to destroy Bill Clinton and all Democrats whose policy positions might make sense to both sides of the aisle – or did before the indictable Bible-beaters took over the Republican Party and turned the Congress into a twin set of House and Senate Ten Commandments tabernacles.

If I asked any American to sit down and tell me what Hillary Clinton has done that was so awful as to make her “a lightening-rod for controversy,” none would be able to answer with anything approaching a rational reason or argument. They would simply parrot something they heard from that twit Brit Hume.

Is the answer that she did not divorce her husband, as the Neocons had hoped in their effort to press Bill Clinton to leave the White House in shame? Is the answer that she fought so hard against greed and politicians owned by hospitals, doctors, pharmaceutical companies and health insurance companies? She should have been given the Medal of Freedom for that attempt – even though she lost a battle that even God can’t seem to win. Is it because she’s too short or Americans don’t like her hairdo or her clothing? Was she a bad mother to Chelsea Clinton? As a Senator did she do harm to New York State? Evidently not, since New Yorkers re-elected her overwhelmingly. Did she make a mistake supporting that idiot Boy President George W. Bush and his Machiavellian Vice President, who now has to hide from all people who want to spit in his face? You bet she did – just as the super-majority of House and Senate members did. And why? They were all lied to, over and over again, by Cheney, Bush, Rice, Powell and the rest of his minions – save those who resigned in disgust.

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