Media, Novakula Lose New Hampshire Primary

I have to laugh at the overpaid pundits on the broadcast networks and CNN. They should be terminated on the spot, not only for being so wide of the mark (as usual) but for trashing, humiliating and mischaracterizing Senator Clinton in a bad-mouthing campaign intended to run her into the dirt for no good reason other than to destroy another front runner, a woman, and delight in it.

Jan. 9, 2008 – Geneva ( – Since I am nothing like Neoconservatives, I read the opposition – even the trashy (and more often than not unintentionally entertaining) rag Human Events, which has nothing much "human" about it save for high-talking tool Terry Jeffrey, stick-figure bigot Ann Coulter and doddering old creep Bob Novak, whose greatest claim to fame is that he endangered the life of CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson in an attempt to destroy her husband, a knowing opponent of the Bush War in Iraq. Novak triggered a cascade of events which also surely led to the death and torture of many people working in the interest of WMD counterproliferation.

But I digress.

The day before the New Hampshire primaries, I was able to read in detail old Novakula's "insider" newsletter.

I gently call Mr. Novak "Novakula," and his predictions re the "Live Free or Die" state's primary did not disappoint – because he was wrong where it counts, as he always is.

Naturally, the old parasite based this column on a "personal reporting trip " – roll out the red carpet and sound the trumpets! Robert Novak? Actually going somewhere? Novak chose Senator John McCain to win on the GOP side. Inasmuch as the third grade class at Parkway Elementary School in New York also picked McCain, I cannot give him much credit on this one.

His picks on the Democrat side, on the other hand, were a riot.

Not only did Novakula title his desperate column, "New Hampshire Predictions: Obama Blowout; Romney Rallying" – but he added this list:

1st Place: [Senator Barack] Obama (D-IL), going away
2nd Place: [Senator Hillary] Clinton (D-NY)
3rd Place: John Edwards
4th Place: Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM)

"Obama Blow Out" is correct – like in his front tire on the freeway. "Going Away" is also correct – like bye-bye.

Okay. I am being cruel to Novak – and I apologize for that, but if anyone deserves it he does.

Holding himself out as an "expert" on American politics is one thing, though he isn't – but using his platform to hurt others is another. Novak is not an expert on politics; he is an expert on propaganda and simply a hateful tool of the American right. His only "insights" are given to him on a silver platter – this past decade from the Cheney-Bush White House – in exchange for his "reliable support." To be balanced, Novak's style is akin to his more liberal counterpart, Bob Woodward of Watergate fame. Both rely not on intellect or hard reporting and effort but on whispers in the corridors – murmurings minions knowing they can use this gullible pair to advantage and for the destruction of others.

Novak is spending more and more time these days wallowing in the humiliating glory of being the "wise old man" of ultraconservative so-called journalism and trying to cash in on it at the same time by writing one poor book or column after another and popping up with nauseating regularity as a vampire bobblehead on the FOX "News" Channel.

The losers? The easy-to-fleece American people, some of whom rely on him to search for the truth.

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