On Coulter: A Disgusting Establishment Bigot

Ann Coulter Dubs Kwanzaa a Holiday Sham by America’s “United Slaves”
Scarecrow Pundette Trying for Martyrdom to Sell More Books

Kwanzaa StampJan. 3, 2007 – Geneva (apj.us) – It is no wonder that Ann Coulter is rumored to travel with personal security guards.

She begins 2008 with one of her most bigoted attacks yet, a vicious Tourette's outburst that would land her in Hell if Satan wasn’t already appalled by her.

Her instant column is yet another miserable rewrite of her previous verbal vomit about a black American holiday. One can only ask why: why does Coulter continue to say hateful things about people and policy she knows absolutely nothing about?

And she calls herself a Christian.

This week she picks on all African Americans who choose to celebrate Kwanzaa – a holiday fro them which was the innovation of black radical Ron Karenga in the 1960s. She does not bother to mention that the same Americans celebrating Kwanzaa more often than not also celebrate Christmas – even Hanukah.

If she believes Kwanzaa is a fraud, what does she think about Christmas?

Coulter also claims – lying to you again – that the FBI invented Kwanzaa. In fact, the FBI certainly used and abused the founders of Kwanzaa to split apart Americans protesting racism, sometimes mortally. These were black, white, and purple citizens who were sick with grief over bigotry and government-endorsed near-slavery that continued until the middle 20th century and some say continues today.

It is worth a mention that Coulter is living proof that while we may have rid America of “institutionalized” racism in the 60s – “Racist Pigs” like her still continue living and flourishing.

A little historyis in order: The FBI at that time was run by a madman homophobic gay bombaster.. He delighted in pitting people with similar goals against each – to weaken them in general and to make certain they murdered each other in one sense or another This tactic is and was used between 2003 and today by similarly sick American strategists in Iraq – taking advantage of the divisions between Sunni and Shia Islamics – taunting them to grind each other’s babies into the blood-spattered sand. We should be familiar and wary of it:

  • Coulter makes fun of the timing of Kwanzaa.
  • Coulter delights that she hears little about the holiday any longer and takes credit for this.
  • Coulter belittles President Bush for referring to Kwanzaa.
  • Coulter calls Ron Karenga, a once black radical and now a professor, an “FBI stooge” and then goes on to prove he wasn’t.
  • Coulter sneers at his adopted African name – Dr. Maulana Karenga.
  • Coulter lies and tells you that Kwanzaa is a White liberal holiday – not a black one. Gee I don’t know a single Liberal that celebrates Kwanzaa – but I do know many who respect the right of others to do so.
  • Coulter scoffs at African Americans who wear native dress or dashiki.
  • Coulter mocks children called “Jamal” because this is a popular African American name and she asks how many blacks named Jamal “currently sit on death row.”

How awful of her on that last point. How desperately ailing must be her mind.

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