On Coulter: Ann Touts Twisted Duncan Hunter as “Magnificent”

It is clear however that the Duncan’s biological father – if he was Adolf Bormann – was a Catholic through and through at one time. He became a priest25 , for God’s sake – but he left the church when he could not get the Pope to transfer him to a parish near his father’s home in Argentina26 . He then went insane and married a nun27 . This could be most likely why Duncan Hunter was not raised to be a Catholic but only a mere Christian by Robert Olin and Lola Hunter.

What does all this prove?

For one thing, it possibly will explain Duncan Hunter’s fear of Mexicans28 . Blood is thicker than water, and the same genes that made the man I believe to be Hunter’s grandfather – Martin Bormann – hate Jews could cause him to become a bigot as well. It is well known that Mr. Hunter, while in Congress, spent most of his time trying a build a wall across the entire Mexican border to keep “the beaners out”29 . Hunter also knew that many Jews fled to Mexico when Hitler took over Germany and he could have been afraid that that Jews disguised as Mexicans would also illegally cross the border.

The connection between Duncan Hunter’s possibly “adopted” mother and the Olin-Mauser machine gun cannot be denied. She, by her own word, stole a machine gun, and then, if she was indeed Lola Hunter, married a man whose middle name was Olin – one of the companies that developed machine guns with a former Nazi company – Mauser .

Duncan Hunter also proposed an amendment to the Constitution stating: “Marriage in the US shall consist only of the union of a man and a woman” and continues to harp on this amendment30 . Why? Well it would be obvious to anyone – I think he knows!

What greater proof that Hunter’s blood and his upbringing might force him not only to cling to Nazi values, but also hate cross-dressers and homosexuals. What do they say about a man hating his mother?

Duncan Hunter is also one of the few remaining elected officials to admire the death penalty31 . Hitler, and Hunter’s perhaps grandfather Martin Bormann, also cherished the death penalty as we know32 . That’s another evidential nail in the coffin if ever there were one. Even though it has been proven, time and again, that the death penalty does not deter crime33 , Duncan Hunter is well known to have said: “When Charles Manson is getting ready to pull the trigger on an innocent American, just maybe the idea passes through his mind that he, himself, is going to lose his life.” Yes, but Charles Manson is alive. He didn’t get the death penalty34 .

This proves that what Hunter likes is death itself – and not the deterrence that doesn’t exist from the fear of the death penalty – especially in maniacs. Liking death for death’s sake is a typical Nazi trait.

Examining Duncan Hunter’s other legislative follies we can also draw inescapable conclusions that his blood could very well run silly with Martin Bormann’s genes. He is fearful of stem cell research and votes against it35 – a clear sign that he worries he might have been cloned in one of Hitler’s baby factories that kept operating years after the War ended – something else he voted to make illegal. He is also scared silly of the concept of abortion36 .

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