On Coulter: Ann Touts Twisted Duncan Hunter as “Magnificent”

After several months he might have met with Robert Olin Hunter12 who was chosen to raise Duncan as a good little fascist. We are not certain whether Robert Hunter was married at this time, but he did marry at some point – and his wife’s name was Lola – short for Dolores. Was it a coincidence that Adolf Bormann’s lover was also called Dolores and that a certain Nazi sympathizer cross dresser also danced as a woman called Dolores as well? Who can tell for sure?

Duncan Hunter’s father’s middle name was also OLIN because, perhaps, he secretly worked with the Nazis (Heckler & Koch once The Mauser Company13 , in Germany) which was partnered with the Winchester-Olin Corporation (USA)14 . The two companies produced an early version of a Close Assault Weapon System. The main goal of this program was to develop a new personal firearm, capable of firing high-impulse, multiple projectiles with effective range of 100 to 150 meters15 .

Duncan Hunter’s adopted mother, if he is adopted, was called Lola, short for Dolores – which means “sorrow.” The original Dolores used Lola as a code name because, in Hawaiian, it means “drooping leaf”16 – a reference to her penis.

Dolores – the one in love with Adolf Bormann – turns out to have been a man!

Dolores (a.k.a “S”) was born in Russia17 . He/she left for Poland along with his mother and his twin sister. Dolores danced with his/her twin under the fake names “Imperio and Dolores” including in the Untied States18 .

The plot thickens.

Dolores claims he/she escaped from a Nazi ghetto by grabbing a machine gun (see Olin-Mauser above) from a Gestapo officer and killing him19 .

Dolores’ twin sister ended up dead in a concentration camp. But Dolores was ‘spotted’ by a German officer who kept staring at her/him. His name was Wehrmacht Major Kurt Werner and he remembered Dolores fondly from a performance she/he had done in Berlin years earlier20 .

Dolores became an assassin and saboteur under the tutelage of Major Werner. She/he used her/his ability to pose as a woman on these secret missions21 .

After the war Dolores returned to dancing – as a woman. It was her/his way of coping with his twin sister’s loss22 .

Dolores or “S” in his female guise (as Dolores) went on to become a major music hall entertainer in the 1950s23 .

According to an article in Gazeta Wyborcza in May 2006, he/she returned for several engagements of dancing in Hamburg’s gay clubs on the Reeperbahn24 .

Did Dolores shorten her name to Lola, marry Robert Olin Hunter, and follow little Duncan to Riverside? We will never know.

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