On Coulter: Ann Touts Twisted Duncan Hunter as “Magnificent”

racist tv networks et alWhere is Carol Lam when we need her?

Jan. 1, 2008 – Geneva (apj.us) – I was flabbergasted to find Ann Coulter working this Christmas – New Year’s week – but sure enough, out popped a clone of her last column, attacking GOP presidential primary candidate Mike Huckabee again for being a liberal and the Republican candidate that liberals allegedly love.

Let me quote the valedictorian of the Univeristy of Michigan’s Law School, who said recently during his graduation speech:

Just as an aside Ann Coulter recently gave a speech at my alma mater the University of Texas at Austin and for that appearance she was paid in the neighborhood of twenty thousand dollars as a speaking fee. Let me tell you this, had I known just how lucrative being a bitter and hateful circus freak with a law degree could be [WILD APPLAUSE] – God is my witness I would have come to law school ten years ago and gotten started.

Oh, I forgot, Ann Coulter always remembers – in her books – to footnote everything so as to prove that what she says is true – or at least believable.

I will do the same – for I want you to trust me as well I do!

It really is a waste of time to talk about Republican Duncan Hunter1 . He appears to the casual as just another Neocon crook. All one has to do is Google “Duncan Hunter and Duke Cunningham”2 (former congressman, in prison, for bribery and worse3 ) and it will become evident why Carol Lam – former U.S. Attorney in Hunter-Cunningham country – was fired by former Attorney General Gonzales4 .

However, let me take the opportunity to illustrate to you Ann Coulter5 would go about skewering Duncan Hunter, her idol, if it paid well enough – complete with footnotes!

About Duncan Hunter
By Ann Coulter

After months of research6 , I have come to the conclusion that Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter of California may be the illegitimate son of Martin Adolf Bormann the son of Martin Bormann, Hitler’s private secretary and confidant7 .

Although I cannot share all my sources8 with you for national security reasons, I will attempt to use as many footnotes as possible to make my case.

Duncan Hunter was born in 1948 – just after the end of World War II9 . At that time Nazi superstar Martin Bormann had fled to Argentina. His son Martin Adolf10 was then almost nineteen years old he had been named after Hitler. While in Argentina “Little Adolf” as he was called, met a indigenous Indian woman named Dolores. She and Adolf had a love affair and Dolores found herself pregnant. By this time Adolf had decided to become a Catholic priest11 – after finding out just what his father did “for a living.” Old Martin Bormann found out about the pregnancy, but since Adolf was now Catholic he agreed not to abort the baby but instead to put it up for adoption using friends and former Nazi associates living in Riverside California.

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