If It Looks Like Musharraf, Walks Like Musharraf…

It does not make sense that Al Queda would murder a Pakistani leader and a woman held in such high esteem. It is against Sharia law to harm a woman in this way. What would they gain from it?

Dec. 28, 2007 – Zurich (apj.us) – This morning I contacted Dr. Abbas Hayat, the pathologist and well-known microbiologist who tried in vain to save Benazir Bhutto’s life yesterday evening in Pakistan. I asked him a simple question:

“Was the bullet(s) that killed Benazir Bhutto from a pistol or a rifle?”

I have no answer yet, but I asked this question for the reason that I believe the story now circulating that Al Queda has taken credit for this assassination is an absolute fabrication and even if it has taken the credit – it is well known that Bin Laden will take the blame for almost anything brutal and thus the untrustworthy admission does not prove Al Queda nor anyone else truly killed the former and future Pakistani Prime Minister Mrs. Bhutto.

Only someone blind wouldn’t realize that all the Al Queda rumors were planted weeks ago, over and over again, and very professionally allowing Benazir Bhutto to spot it and see that someone was setting her up and about to use Al Queda as the fall guy..

Thus far, the only source reporting this Al Queda nonsense is The Asia Times – now and again, to be kind, a bit over-zealous in its reporting. The Asia Times web site is claiming it got the message via a conveniently untraceable telephone call from Bin Laden’s people.

Paris Hilton could claim the same.

One advantage of being abroad this week is that I can watch, in real time, all the Arab-based television stations including Al Jazeera which is covering the Bhutto Assassination in great depth. I must say that Al Jazeera makes CNN and even BBC look like amateurs in this arena.

Out of a hundred interviews done last night after Mrs. Bhutto’s death, one stood out featuring a Pakistani politician who claimed that the shots fired at Bhutto came from an office building from a sniper using a rifle, and only after that – perhaps as long as a minute after – the suicide bomber took his own life near the Land Rover that was carrying Ms. Bhutto away. Other eye witnesses also reported the shots coming from an office building – not from the suicide bomber as the BBC wants you to believe. A photographer from Getty Images who was very close to the vehicle did not report that he saw the bomber use a gun on Bhutto first but that he heard shots prior to the explosion.

Just by chance, western media only – decided also to show live video of a semi-automatic pistol lying on the ground right where the suicide bomber exploded – the opportune deduction that he used the pistol to shoot Mrs. Bhutto only after offering his guts to Allah.

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