Bhutto Murdered

Dec. 27, 2007 – Geneva ( – It’s about ten minutes after the killing and already the mainstream media is being set up to blame Al Queda for the murder of Benazir Bhutto today. 

How convenient for Pervez Musharraf.
Now that we know Mr. Musharraf moved at least $5 Billion in United States aid given him to stop Osama Bin Laden at the Pakistani border to either his own pocket, or to defend his border with India (Pshaw) we also know this:

  1. Either Musharraf realized that it was only a matter of weeks before Bhutto would humiliate him at the polls and make him the double former general and president of Pakistan, or;
  2. Musharraf traded Bin Laden’s freedom for the hit on Bhutto.

Either way, Mr. Bush’s pal has proven to be just what I surmised on November 6th:

To Mushy’s mind the five hundred lawyers and “peaceniks” he had arrested over the weekend exposed “a threat to future law and order” according to Tariq “The Bull” Khan – a Musharraf mouthpiece.  This was only a “preventative measure” he claimed.

Oh, now I get it.  Musharraf was “preventing” any hope for law and order.” Well, at least he was honest about that.

Then the saviorette – Benzie Bhutto – rushed home from her savings and loan in Dubai and told everyone she was going to talk with her people and other opposition party chiefs in Islamabad yesterday. Needless to say, she didn’t show up here.
And needless to say she won’t be showing up anymore, anywhere.
Such is Mr. Bush’s friend’s support of Democracy with a capital “D” for Death.
Ms. Bhutto, educated at Harvard and a good friend to the United States now lies cooling on a stainless steel table and Pakistanis have lost their only hope to be delivered from the Musharraf dictatorship.
Shame on you Condi Rice – and shame on you George W. Bush for supporting such a power-crazed maniacal dictator.


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