There?s a Coulter Born Every Century

Seemingly fascinated with sodomy, Ann Coulter labels Mike Huckabee “stupid and misled.”

Dec. 24, 2007 – Geneva ( – Take note that Ann Coulter, the right-of-Cheney, kindergarten-chic writer I love to loathe, has finally realized that her irate serial outbursts about Stan Evans’s – excuse me, I mean “M. Stanton” Evans’s – book attempting to resurrect thankfully-long-dead Senator Joe McCarthy are hopeless.

I assume she is angry that Evans’s book won’t sell very many copies – save to Richard Mellon Scaife, because Mr. Evans, bless his heart, was Coulter’s mentor at his confidential “school of journalism” which twisted Ann and others like Michelle Malkin into card-carrying Neocons in less than a few weeks.

Dick Scaife, bless him, likes these kinds of people.

At least Ann Coulter is one person Mr. Evans can count on.

Since this is Christmas week, I am going to write a sentence you thought you would never see from me:

I agree with Ann Coulter on something!  

Let me quickly add, however, that the only item with which I agree with her is that Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee should be named Mike Huckster-Bee for blowing in the wind, as Ms. Coulter points out, and for being so obviously evangelical (which means, “Hey, I have to work to convince you to be a Christian or you’re go to Hell!”).

I don’t think that will go over well with whatever allies we have left in the Middle East, including the Israelis. So the White House is out for Huck.

But Huckabee really is not Ms. Coulter’s point in this – her latest wheeze.  He won’t last past Iowa or New Hampshire – and perhaps he might surprise us all and lose in Iowa first. Yet Coulter’s column this week, “There’s a Huckabee Born Every Minute,” is in reality a pestering horse to prove she is a “true” Christian homophobe and worse not to mention ridiculous enough to believe that Evolution is a fantasy, which she does.

Inasmuch as the swine farmers and ethanol opportunists in Iowa are going to line up in a couple of weeks to tell the nation who we should vote for – on both sides of the presidential aisle – Ms. Coulter is letting you know that to her, Mike Huckabee is the one… not!

Le me add that whatever happens in Iowa is about as important as sand in Iraq.  Take a look at my column – now years old – titled “Who Cares What Iowans Think? ” This should put things in perspective for you.

Now to tackle the rest of Ms. Coulter’s Christmas drivel.

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