On Coulter: “Al Gore is a vaguely gay, morbidly obese…”

Faulty Gaydar and a Jones for Joe: Stick-figure hatemonger calls Al Gore “vaguely gay” – trying in vain to get some … any … media attention… melancholic Neocon authoress commemorates McCarthyism… again!

Senate Resolution 301

Dec. 13, 2007 – Washington (apj.us) – I will make the effort not to bore you to the point pf tearing your hair out, but Ann Coulter – once again and for the third week straight – has attempted to resurrect the revolting former senator Joseph McCarthy as a saviour of America by urging you to read a ludicrous celebration of McCarthy recently penned by her elderly mentor Medford Evans. 

One may imagine she will next turn her power to falsely edit history to the “Two Adolfs” – Eichmann and Hitler.

As in her two previous columns, Coulter uses Joe McCarthy as an avenue to attack others who have nothing to do with him. 

She begins this week’s sadistic assault with Nobel Peace Prize Winner Al Gore – telling us that Gore is a hazy homosexual and morbidly fat. 

Coulter, who looks, stares, quivers, and speaks like a batty crack addict, is obviously overcome by homophobia and natural or drug-induced bulimia nervosa which keeps her far too emaciated.  Just watching her during her now-infrequent appearances on cable television makes most men queasy –likely the reason she attacks any chap who doesn’t spend his weekends shooting Mexicans who dare to cross the border to pick lettuce for peanuts without the proper visa.

Coulter by sorcery somehow weaves Former Vice President Gore into her instant rant by complaining about an October 2007 Vanity Fair article discussing pro-Bush mainstream media bias and how it may have cost Gore the election in 2000. 

What this has to do with Joe McCarthy – the true subject of her pap, is impossible to understand.

Oh. I know! It’s that McCarthy was also a victim of the media!

We all know that Al Gore won the 2000 election and while the media contributed to narcotizing the American people by pretending the right-wing-controlled Supreme Court could constitutionally undo the results of the vote – there are today few people who believe that George W. Bush is the legally elected President of the United States.  And – thanks be to God – because it helps us to tolerate our “Idiot President” and his gaggle of robbers who have succeeded in bringing America to her knees – economically and by world-defined reputation. 

What Mr. Bush and people like Ann Coulter have done to destroy America is nothing short of treason.  She would dare to call herself a patriot when in fact she should be confined either in a federal prison or a psychiatric institution – it’s difficult to decide which.

Ms. Coulter has not a single principle. Her deceit is spectacular and obvious to anyone with even a fifth-grade education.  She is a seriously laid up comic who sadly appeals to a few percent of the American population – by and large skinhead Neofascists – who would bring back slavery, punish the poor, and put ailing people in jail if they had the opportunity that neoconservatives have tried and failed to give them for nearly thirty years now.

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