On Coulter: Blond bigot takes aim at Mexican laborers

… while on her own pathetic website, her so-called “readers” use the N-word dozens of times – just to prove they can!

Nov. 23, 1007 – Washington (apj.us) – Ann Coulter, who is living proof that there is a disease now permeating the Republican Party’s right wing, decided this week – for some reason – to tell us that readership at The New York Times is down slightly last month, while Matt Drudge (who has all but disappeared in the media) gets 16 million – that’s sixteen million – hits each day on his Drudge Report website.

Ms. Coulter would love to say that she also got that amount of attention, but even an idiot knows that Drudge is not reaping the benefits from what Coulter claims are 6 BILLION hits a year to his web site. If he were getting that crush of traffic, he would be rolling in profits from advertising while living in a bungalow at the Bel Air Hotel.

Drudge, although far more entertaining and somewhat more mentally balanced than Coulter, is at least not as pathological a twister of truth. While he certainly gets oceans more web attention than does Coulter, it is mostly because he is not venomous and does not tend to turn the stomachs of readers who happen upon his site – as does Ms. Coulter. In fact, Drudge did, once, get more than ten million hits on his site in a single day, but this was because – true to form and entertainingly – he published George W. Bush’s 2007 State of the Union Poppycock a day before he was “supposed to” with a wink and a nod from Tony Snow in the White House Press office.

Coulter does not tell us that. She would rather we thought that there were sixteen times the Americans "reading" Matt Drudge than read the New York Times.

Ms. Coulter also fails to report the pathetically low readership of the publication that now prints her pap: Human Events, which may be the last paleo-Neoconservative magazine frantic enough to print her lies. Human Events might have 7 readers – on a good day.

Ms. Coulter has been tossed out of nearly every publishing house, newspaper, magazine and yellow sheet she’s tainted with her literary and pundit drivel. Television, on which she once starred (as the hard-right, doctrinaire freak she is) is loathe to touch her after the horrors she has spewed this year over national and international airwaves. She has been fired for good reason – nevertheless, I believe that instead of firing her, these publications should have given her the help she needed – perhaps at a quiet clinic in upstate New York.

Coulter has been relegated to where she belongs: late night talk radio and the truck drivers who wile away the hours listening to it.

She hangs on to whatever readership she has left (read: the dead-ender Limbaugh crowd) by writing such peculiar fables that they become comic entertainment to people with half a brain or less.

Coulter’s books are bought up in bulk by insane Neocon billionaires and think tanks to make it appear they are on the best-seller list of The New York Times, which Coulter would tell you nobody reads..This is an old trick in the publishing business, and one wonders if Ann Coulter actually gets her fair share of those proceeds. It does not appear she does, as she could not afford to buy a house in a tony Palm Beach where, by the by,  she is loathed – in fact, people are known to get up and walk out in the middle of their dinners when she appears in a Palm Beach restaurant. The poor thing had to settle for an ugly green duplex in an outlying neighborhood.

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