On Coulter: She hates Pakistan’s “Islamic savages? but loves their dictator

Ann Coulter hearts "Perv" Musharraf (and lies over and over again in his support) while saying Pakistan needs an Attaturk to "impose military rule and drag a country of Islamic savages into the 19th century."

November 16, 2007 – Washington (apj.us) – The more I suffer Ann Coulter's absurdity (and that of others like her), the longer I wrestle with what our universities and law schools are turning out these days.

Coulter's greatest claim to fame is that she writes paperbacks that are unintelligible. Before that, she clerked for right-wing Circuit Court judge Pasco Bowman II, then for right-wing Michigan ex-senator Spencer Abraham during the 1990s, during which time she specialized in writing legislation to green light pollution, fluff the automotive and energy industries, and deport as many brown-skinned immigrants as possible.

She and her current staff allow her chat rooms "insiders" to use the word nigger liberally to prove "it's only a word" – but kicks out known or suspected "liberals" for daring to tell others that using that word is certainly not what Lincoln thought very "Republican."

Today Ms. Coulter, who must be perusing my columns of the soon-to-be-gone General-President-Poobah "Perv" Musharraf, backs him and suggests he should be the GOP candidate for President of the United States.

It is time for her rubber room.

Coulter calls Musharraf "The Tolstoy of the Zulus," attributing this quote to Saul Bellow – whose genius and loathing of people like Ms. Coulter is proved yet again in his latest novel about the Rosenberg 'trial,' "The Book of Daniel."

In fact, Saul Bellow, nearly fourteen years ago, was criticized by Brent Staples of the New York Times because as a young Black man he took umbrage with a character in a Bellow novel who used "ugly descriptions of Blacks." Mr. Bellow was then criticized by Alfred Kazin for using another term during an interview – "The Proust of the Papuans."

In fact, Mr. Bellow's fictional character did use the term "The Tolstoy of the Zulus." Mr. Bellow is well known to be anything but a racist – and in an Op Ed piece in the Times he must have sensed that Ann Coulter would someday get around to using his name in vain, writing, "Not all novel readers are good readers. No writer can take it for granted that the views of his characters will not be attributed to him personally. We can't open our mouths without being denounced as racists, misogynists, supremacists, imperialists or fascists."

He realized that Coulter was dumb enough to just this.

Bellow was correct, but in Coulter's case – instead of cross-pressuring her intelligent readers – she would only succeed, and does, in confirming that she is, under any modern definition, a racist.

Yet one is forced to ponder why Ms. Coulter used "The Tolstoy of the Zulus" to describe – seriously or not – Perv Musharraf.

It is almost as if she was grasping from something seemingly intelligent to disguise her moronic conclusions.

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