How Long Before the Christian Community Kicks Ann Coulter Out?

Jeff Koopersmith answers Coulter's latest vicious column, “HOW LONG BEFORE THE A.D.L. KICKS OUT ALL ITS JEWS?”

Nov. 1, 2007 – Geneva ( – Born-again Ann Coulter makes a mockery of Christianity and Judeo-Christian ethics each time she opens her muddy mouth or sits down at her soiled laptop with the goal of knocking out yet another hate-saturated tirade – which she eagerly labels “controversial,” but which is in reality nothing more than hate-mongering.

This week she stalks the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) – not because she believes she should, but because she lives on creating resentment.

This is, in fact, the foundation of her livelihood – which is slowly but surely shrinking.

Soon she’ll be in the poor house along with all the liberals she so loathes.

Coulter attacks the ADL and the National Organization for Women, as well as the ACLU writing “They represent not Jews or women or civil libertarians, but the left wing of the Democratic Party.”

Piteous.  Coulter is so eager to spread half truths and plain lies that she trips over reality at every step. 

Here her logic once again escapes her – if she has some.  She is telling you that organizations cannot represent the views of more than one entity.  Thus, the Catholic Church, for instance cannot represent justice – only Catholic justice.  The Republican Party can only represent greed, not compassionate conservatism.

She makes idiot statements like these constantly.  Why? Because she does not count on the substance of her writing or speeches, but the hate-filled personality of her views which always attract idle-minded audiences.

A metaphor for Coulterism is the way people are still glued to documentaries and books about Hitler – not because they love him, but because they are fascinated that any human being could be so evil. 

In this, Coulter and Hitler share a common appeal.

Attacking the ADL is of course attacking the Jews that founded it. 

Coulter chooses to ignore it, and might even take umbrage, but the fact is that most people know that the ADL is a Jewish-backed organization formed to fight Antisemitism which has grown over the decades to fight any defamation based on race or religion. 

The ACLU is certainly not an organization for “civil libertarians” as she states.  It is a group of men and women who support the justice and the law and specifically fight against abuses of it.

The National Organization for Women was the driving force that allows Coulter to exist at all.  Without NOW, she would most likely be a little boring hausfrau living in Greenwich, Connecticut and raising a brood of Neofascists who would have fun torturing her gardener.

Coulter now raises the specter of “the paramount threat of our time,” claiming that the Democratic Party is AWOL.  She adds more poison – claiming that only the “patriotic Democrats” are AWOL. The rest, she writes, are “aiding the enemy.”

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