On Coulter: Sociopath vs. Social Studies

 A new series following propagandist Ann Coulter’s mendacity. In part two, Jeff Koopersmith answers Coulter's attack on the obscure National Council for Social Studies and a story for school children.

Oct. 28, 2007 – Geneva (apj.us) – Yesterday, I took a look at Ann Coulter's ridiculous condemnation of so-called "Islamo-Fascism."

It turns out Coulter also has her Fruit of the looms in a bunch about some group called The National Council for Social Studies.

Just the fact that there is such a group gives even me the giggles, but I am sure they are well-intended and only wish to give children a good start in the process of understand the world they live in and the societies that they are part of and near to.  The planet is now very small. 

On the other hand, Coulter berates them for producing a 9/11 lesson plan that includes a story with the title "My Name Is Osama." 

Again, one might chuckle, but see what Coulter does with this and how she misinforms – no lies – through innuendo, a talent that is her forte.

She claims the story is about "a nasty little white boy, Todd, who taunts a fine upstanding Iraqi immigrant named Osama."   She then invites her readers to "laugh it up" at this idea and further reinforces by threatening that the reader will not be laughing when ABC puts the story on its prime-time programming next year. 

This little item from Coulter's insidious bag of tricks is so obvious a second-grader would get it: she is race-baiting and using children and social studies teachers to help her by misrepresenting the essentials.

In fact, there are thousands of American kids named "Osama" and most are from Islamic, not Islamo-fascist, families.  After the tragedy of 9/11 some educators feared that non-Islamic kids would turn on children from Arab and/or Asian Muslim families.  In fact, this did occur – yet not to a large extent.  However, what few incidents did occur pushed these social studies teachers to develop a course that would teach the difference between Islam and insane homicidal religious zealots. 

The story was co-written by Steve Lapham, the editor of Middle Level Learning, and Sharifa Alkhateeb, the director of the Peaceful Families Project.

And where did the money for this story come from in the first place? Funny how Coulter fails to mention the story was funded by that seditionist organization known as the UNITED STATES DEPARMENT OF JUSTICE. 

How convenient that Ms. Coulter omits that detail – or, more likely, doesn’t know it.

The story is, in my opinion, more than a bit over the top – but most likely this is because it was written during a terrible time under difficult stress.  It talks about little Osama’s childhood and the difficulty of having to flee from Iraq and Saddam Hussein.  It talks of the usual tough chatting done by schoolyard boys who are generally cruel as you might remember from your own middle-school days. 

And yes, Todd taunts Osama. 

He tells the young Arab boy that his mother is a terrorist because she wears a bag over her head: "Hey. Osama, Yo Mama," he says, "Is that dynamite under your shirt? Your mother wears a hood because she is a terrorist. Your mother is a terrorist," he mocks in front of the other children.

Osama loses his temper and pushes Todd, who falls and splits his lip. 

In the end Osama is suspended from school for physical abuse by an understanding but tough-love type principal named Mr. Allen whose father changed their surname from "Alfirevich" to assimilate better into American culture.  He tells Osama that he often thinks of changing back to the foreign name "to honor my grandfather."  Osama is also named after his own father and grandfather.

And yes, this is the sort of "Islamo-Fascist" horror the mean-spirited Ms. Coulter focuses on to make her nasty case. 

How could we trust anything she writes or says?

TOMORROW: Ann Coulter and David Horowitz, propaganda tag-team from hell.

JEFF KOOPERSMITH is a political consultant, opinion research authority, policy analyst, and self-described "renegade lobbyist.".

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