On Coulter: Have You Hugged an American Fascist Today?

 A new series following propagandist Ann Coulter’s mendacity. Jeff Koopersmith answers Coulter's every thought in this new feature while urging her to keep talking!

October 27, 2007 – Geneva (apj.us) – Tripe writer Ann Coulter has penned another laughable column claiming that "college liberals" – in other words, most college students and faculty in every historical sense – are angry because David Horowitz, Coulter's fellow-traveler neo-Fascist, is currently holding what he calls (if you can believe it) "Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week." 

To even address this so-called Awareness Week is further proof that Coulter just might be a xenophobe, a bigot, a racist, and just plain stupid.  Don’t let her law degree convince you otherwise. There are, after all, plenty of idiot lawyers running around without jobs or clients.

Coulter claims that "liberals" support "Islamo-Fascism" – whatever the hell that is.  She tells us, however, that the American Democratic base at least "pretends" to oppose it.

The term "Islamo-Fascism" is, in and of itself, hilarious, sounding like something one might hear in a cartoon.  What is "Islamo"?  Is there such a creature as a Catholico-Fascist, or a Born-Again-Christo–Fascist? 

There probably is, but one might have a hard time finding one since the term itself in inane and proof above all of ignorance.

Coulter asserts that liberals support Islamic terrorism, which she calls fascism, because it sounds cuter, and it's the sort of wording that can be used to pull the wool over the eyes of reactionary, ill-informed, fearful , bigoted or hateful Americans.

But stop and think. Do liberals support religiously insane "terrorists?" What could be more absurd? 

Let’s pick a real liberal – Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Does he support terrorism by Islamist extremists?  How about Ted Kennedy? Sure, he is more of a limousine liberal than a simple liberal – but does he support terrorism?

Of course they don't. And Coulter knows that. She does concede weakly that Democrats elected to office make at least "rhetorical gestures" opposing Islamic terrorism.  In fact, there are a minimum of 65,000 or more registered Democrats in Iraq and Afghanistan serving, dying, and suffering crippling injury in the fight against "terrorism" carried out by men and women, mostly Muslim.

Using her own so-called logic, Coulter therefore must loathe any soldier who is a Democrat or votes for Democrats.  In fact, she is mocking of their commitment to America and the tragedies their families must endure during and after their service to our country.

I have a small morsel of bad news for Coulter and Horowitz: there is no such thing as "Islamic" terrorism.  There are a growing number of terrorist acts committed by people who claim to follow Islam.  Moreover, there are five thousand years of Judeo-Christian history – up to the minute – that illustrates a never-ending army of Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, and even B’hai  followers who have committed terrorist acts that would perhaps make Osama bin Laden blush.

Now that we have that straight, let's address the real question: is Ms. Coulter is an idiot or shrewd?

Let us address the rest of her theory du jour.

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