Blackwater Spams America: “Help!”

You won't believe the spam Blackwater is sending out to its fellow travelers. Take a look below the fold and laugh along with us!

Help! Please!

A Request for Your Support

The Blackwater family is comprised of dedicated and active service providers that work vigorously to support the American nation. In this tumultuous political climate, Blackwater Worldwide has taken center stage, our services and ethics aggressively challenged with misinformation and fabrications. Letters, e-mails and calls to your elected Congressional representatives can and will create a positive impact by influencing the manner in which they gather and present information.


While we can't ask that each supporter do everything, Blackwater asks that everyone does something. Contact your lawmakers and tell them to stand by the truth. Correspondence should be polite and professional. We don't support generating negative messages. Tell the Blackwater story and encourage your representatives to seek the truth instead of reading negative propaganda and drawing the wrong conclusions.


Suggested themes:


Cost efficiency of Blackwater – saving the US taxpayer millions of dollars so that the US Government doesn't have to take troops from their missions or send more into harms way
Professional population of service veterans and mature law enforcement personnel


Sacrifice in lives lost by Blackwater saving US diplomats without one single protectee harmed

If you see a lawmaker speaking good things about Blackwater, contact their offices and let them know that they have your support. Find and contact your federal, state, and local officials by visiting


Expanding our communications effort starts with you. Pass the word – pass the truth.




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