The Petraeus Panic Continues!

Neocons crybabies can’t take a ribbing – but they can, as always, tell lies!

Sept. 24, 2007 –GENEVA ( – One of the delightfully entertaining things about living in Europe part of the year is that FOX News – the American version – is available 24/7 on satellite – the satellite owned of course by Rupert Murdoch. 

You’ve never seen me write or heard me say that FOX News is not entertaining. In fact, it’s uproarious in its twisted reportage.  The only news it gets right is focused on weather – and even that is insanely magnified in importance.  Every rain storm is a “budding hurricane” – every time the barometer drops anywhere, “we might be looking at tornado warnings in Palm Springs.” 

Another huge plus on FOX in Europe is that they have zero advertisers – so one gets to watch the FOX without commercial advertisements every 15 seconds.  Instead FOX supplies little educational vignettes that actually teach you things – like how important it is to get the newest type of prostrate exam, or the best ghost-hunters in Washington, D.C. 

Thus, FOX News Europe is truly a no-spin zone, although somehow these three minute clips seem to be focusing on a particular company or product – in a good or damaging way.  Perhaps these are the new “ads,” which become part of the story?

I don’t know, so I won’t accuse.

However, FOX is leading the charge against that ultra-powerful Democrat strongman – MoveOn.Org – which last week ran a full page ad in the New York Times which headline was General Petraeus / General Betray Us.

The ad ran over two weeks ago – and the bobblehead FOXperts are still talking about it!

Everyone nitwit at FOX, on air or off,  continues to bloviate about this so-called story because most Americans these days don’t like the Iraq war, but do like the military.  Like me, and many Pakistanis, Americans cannot believe in their President or their Congress – so we have turned to the Pentagon – convinced that it is the only steadfast institution in the United States. 

I agree.  The Pentagon – especially with Mr. Rumsfeld disgraced and gone – is a department that can be relied on from conviction alone.  It believes in war as the “final destination” even if many in the Pentagon blue carpet area believe everything else should be tried first to avoid it, even if one is a peacenik – at least we do know what the military stands for, and that’s trustworthiness to do its job – deadly and quick. Like the new British Prime Minister Brown – we admire (in his case the Iron Lady Baroness Thatcher) a person of “conviction politics.”

I believed, for instance that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Peter Pace was a dependable man. In fact, I wrote him a long letter urging him to search his conscience and think about implementing a White House bloodless coup simply by picking up his telephone and telling Mr. Bush, “It’s over, Junior.”  “This seems to work well in Thailand – why not try it here?” I asked.  I did not get a response to my faxed and e-mailed letter.  I did not expect one, but I hope someday Peter Pace shows that letter to his grandchildren or at least his to his housekeeper.

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