Mullah Mullah on the Wall…

Does Mike Ledeen have that much gall?

Sept. 18, 2007 – Tehran ( exclusive) – It is not only the "new French" who are becoming a bit silly these days. It's also the insane Neocons who say they are not Neocons unless they once were liberals.

I'm talking about Neocons like Michael Ledeen, the disgraced and now re-rising pseudo intellect who found a job with the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) after he helped Ollie North commit one of two felonies in Central America.

The AEI is a breeding ground for neo-Nazi theory most closely linked to Imperialists and Machiavellians far too long out of fashion for this group. To them, War is Enterprise.

The whispers in Iran, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Saudi-Arabia, Kuwait and the rest of the Gulf are deafening. "War between the West and Iran is forthcoming."

Yesterday and today Iran has made light of French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner's little bombshell from Sunday. Kouchner bleated that the world should brace for "war with Iran." He went further, telling reporters that the French government has asked its business leaders not to make any contracts or sales to Iran.

Yet he's not forcing them to decline the business.

The creepy (because he is so much like George W. Bush) President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad generally referred to the French a bunch of lunatic Washington puppets and added that newly-elected French President Sarkozy's veiled threats to bomb Iran two weeks ago were "worthless."

Just what is Mr. Bush promising Sarkozy, Putin, Brown, and Merkel?

It's not a bottle of Jack Daniel's – that much is certain!

Americans should start paying attention to the number of references in print and on the air relating to war with Iran. President Bush seems never to hesitate to do so, and now it appears that he somehow convinced Mr. Sarkozy to stir and already boiling pot a bit further.

Condi Rice must be having a cow.

I would not be surprised to hear British Prime Minister Brown, who also visited with Bush most recently, begin his own diatribe against Iran – although this would force an increase in his detail of bodyguards since half of Iran lives in the best parts of London much of the year.

If you read the pap that Mr. Ledeen puts out, you will see that he is just one of a group of second-string fascists joined at the hip with Paul Wolfowitz and Don Rumsfeld – arguing that because Iran has equipment to process uranium, it must be only a baby-step toward becoming a nuclear military power.

Isn't it funny that we don't hear Mr. Ledeen seeking an attack on India, Pakistan, Israel, China, or other nation states that already have "the bomb" and the means to deliver it?

Keep you ears open and you burqas crossed, and pray that the American surprise troop withdrawal in Iraq (and believe me, it is a surprise) is not in fact a precursor to delivering those same soldiers to a mop-up job in Iran after George W. "Cap'n Codpiece" Bush celebrates Victory on an aircraft carrier docked in New York Harbor.

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