Karl Rove Retires. Big Deal!

August 13, 2007 — New York (apj.us) — Karl Rove, one of the greatest thespians to hit the Washington scene, has announced his disappearance at the end of August. 

My reaction? So what!

This fellow, although just a little smarter than the moron he coached in the White House, was anything but a genius, and most likely couldn’t hold a job at a car wash.   Much will be made about his years at the White House – but the truth is that Rove was only known for one kind of “genius” – the evil kind.

If Vice President Dick Cheney sired a clone it was Karl Rove, the freaky, invisible creep behind the throne of President George W. Bush, perhaps the most embarrassing and hated president in United States history.  That fact alone sums up Rove’s “talent” as a political advisor.

Rove will now join a long and weary line of disgraced White House staffers who have left or are soon to be exiting 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. News that Rove would depart the office he has dishonored for the past seven years came in the dead of night on Sunday, buried in a Wall Street Journal news article that he .

If you polled the inner circle at the White House about Rove, you would hear descriptions like "genius" – a "big loss," as Dana Perino, the White House Deputy Press Secretary, sighed.

If you did the same survey among the American people, you would hear words like "monster," "weird," "Bush's no-brain," and worse.

The fact is that Rove is nothing much more than a porcine Texas cracker who got lucky when real political genius took over then-Governor Bush's presidential bid in 1999-2000.  Rove was failing, and only Mr. Bush's daddy was able to convince Bush 43 to set Rove on the sidelines and let the pros handle the idiot president to be.

Rove, like every moron who leaves the scene of his political crime (for example, George Stephanopoulos), claims he all-of-a-sudden wants to spend more time with his family – but the truth is that he is headed to a more-than-cushy position in the private sector where he can cash in on his loyalty to the very worst Americans, and not based on his brilliance in the political or strategic world. One wouldn't be surprised if he has decided to take a top job at Halliburton, following in the footsteps of the even-more-hated Dick Cheney, whom I believe will also be "stepping out" sooner than later.

If Rove can be lauded for anything, it is for keeping one of American history’s greatest idiots from being impeached during the second year of his two terms.

Rove has presided over the most embarrassing terms for any president since the ink on the Constitution was wet. His "genius" produced the lowest-all-time F-scores (favorability score, or approval rating) for a sitting president in history.

The best name his buddy Bush calls him is Turd Blossom.  What a perfect moniker.

In every way he cost the president everything – first and foremost, of course, his reputation.  But he cost the American people far more.

I am sitting listening to the morons on early morning CNN (yes, Robin) talking about Rove as if he were the second coming – but the truth is that he is about the nastiest and ugliest man, inside and out, who deserves to be in federal penitentiary – not celebrated as the great architect of the Bush Administration, which in itself is a gut-laughing joke.

Rove allowed “his President” to be conned by the gutless Dick Cheney, Mad Magazine Centerfold Donald Rumsfeld, sinister-looking Neocon-artist Richard Perle, the rest of the fascists who have now crawled under several moldy rocks scattered quietly around the nation.

Rove allowed Secretary of State Colin Powell to be reduced to a silly tap dancing puppet who lied to the world about weapons of mass destruction – and Powell, so humiliated by his role in the Iraq war, has hardly been seen since he went missing in disgrace.

To listen to this excremental staffer talk about leaving "for the sake of his family" is like hearing Hitler talking about committing suicide for the sake of Eva Braun.

Rove coached the President to feloniously ignore congressional subpoenas, and did the same himself – attempting and failing to create a more powerful White House that could do what it wished without concern over checks and balances guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

Rove is also a top criminal instrumental in the murder of nearly 4,000 American men and women in the armed services in Iraq, and the deaths and maiming of 35,000 more – not to mention a half million innocent Iraqis who may have not loved Saddam Hussein but did not ante up to be killed by their fellow countrymen and American soldiers for the past five years – and all not only for nothing, but for less than nothing.

I could go on. But to celebrate Karl Rove in any way but at a baseball dunking booth is a travesty. 

Rove should crawl back to Texas with his head hung low and sit in his back yard, haunted by the horror he leaves in his wake and the total failure he was for his president and for his country.

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