Whipping Barack Obama

FOX News creates “Cleopatra’s Son” for your redneck amusement

I am not certain about you, of course, but I have an out-of-the-ordinary feeling about Democratic presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama and his lightening-like, high-speed leap into world stratosphere politics.

One thing I do know: Senator Obama’s people pay far more attention to the jackals ready to attack him for the usual “American” institutional reasons than his competitors. That pack of predators includes FOX News, which has already begun to smear him for his father and stepfather’s Muslim background.

Obama’s staff needs to spend time answering the questions that may never be asked – but which will linger in the American quasi-racist mind.

Not only is he an American of African descent, born of a White woman, but he was educated – as a little boy (from six to eight years old!) – in an "Islamic" school in Indonesia.

Cleopatra's SonWhat this has to do with his political career is beyond me – but the sad fact in America is that education, forthrightness, and achieving far more than the average pallid American’s definition of the American Dream will not be enough to gain him the Democrat nomination for President, let alone the Oval Office.

Just read about Tom Bradley (former supposedly “beloved” Mayor of Los Angeles) and his tragic attempt to enter the California governor’s office, even though he led in the polls most of the way.

Be in no doubt, as Vernon Jordan warned us about decades ago, that “America’s dirty secret – racism” is alive and well.

While we are cheered by the fact that Obama, a Black American man, was educated overseas and in the USA, grew  up in far-flung places around the earth, and has, at last, a worldly viewpoint, something is wrong with this picture – and as usual the mainstream media and those that control it are responsible.

Most of us quietly ask ourselves, “Where did this guy come from?” – and if we can be bothered, we find out he’s been around awhile and has “done good” as they say in Chicago.

It’s the “Where did this guy come from?” voter that FOX News and other media owners, who rely on the biggest corporations on earth to keep them afloat, will target – either to vote for Obama in the primaries, or not vote for him in the general election come 2008.

On August 4th of this year, Obama we will be 47 years old. His mother, Ann Dunham, daughter of a Kansas oil worker, married Obama’s father who was born in Kenya and was reportedly once a “servant to the British.”

The two met in Hawaii, were married and produced little Barack, yet his parents divorced quite quickly thereafter and Barack’s father left them and moved back to Kenya where he was killed in a car crash in 1982. Barack was raised by his mother in Hawaii and then with a stepfather in Indonesia. It was there he happened to attend an Islamic-aligned grade school.

Gee, what a surprise inasmuch as Indonesia is about 110% Islamic nation.

Senator Obama eventually moved to New York and Columbia University, and after graduating took some time to do some “give back” two years after leaving Columbia, and six years later went to Harvard Law School where he shined as one of its brightest stars.

Obama graduated from Harvard as Bill Clinton entered his first term as President of the United States in 1991. In 1996 he won a state senate seat in Illinois and served eight years. He was elected thereafter to the United States senate in 2004. He met his attractive wife Michelle at her law firm as she had graduated from Harvard a few years earlier. Michelle Obama graduated from Princeton in 1985 and Harvard law school in 1988. The Obamas have two daughters Malia, nine, and Sasha, six and live in the South Side of Chicago.

Short and very sweet. An American Dream.

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