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Will it be diplomacy or war for Iran?

David WurmserMeryav Wurmser
David and Meyrav Wurmser

One wonders whether David Wurmser, the next to the last remaining near-psychotic Neocon in Vice President Dick Cheney’s office, will survive – and more importantly whether he is related to Count, Field-Marshal, and Grand Cross of the Order of Maria Theresa owner Dagobert-Sigismond de Wurmser, who was also in love with war and destruction much as may be David himself.

It seems Mr. Wurmser, now that felonious liar Scooter Libby, laughingstock John Bolton, former World Bank lecher Paul Wolfowitz, and the ugly-inside-and-out Richard Perle are in their batcaves or jails licking their wounds, is the only one left to defend that which he seems to hate the most: neo-Nazi activity in the name of democracy. Mr. Wurmser is a Zionist, as is his lovely wife Meyrav Wurmser – who is an ultra-smart disinformation expert, and sometimes more frightening than David himself when one thinks about how the world might look if leaders actually paid her more mind.

There are some reports out of the White House that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her people are now engaged in a battle with Wurmser and Cheney. The topic: attacking Iran and wiping out, at least, its nuclear facilities.

While it would not be acceptable to any nation but Iran itself that it succeeds in developing a nuclear weapon to sit atop its already formidable missile arsenal, there is little that anyone can do to stop it from eventually developing “The Bomb.”

History reminds us that far less sophisticated nations including Pakistan, India, and even Israel already possess nuclear weapons and unfortunately, inasmuch as America developed them, it will now have to, over time, most likely defend against nuclear attacks from weapons it conceived whether aboard or, God forbid, at home.

Such irony has always been the historical case. Throughout civilization other societies have invented what were then considered weapons of mass destruction and following their use these weapons were copied and deployed by other tribes and later by nations. From the simple bow and arrow to the hydrogen bomb, history marches on and little can be done about it – unless, say, the U.S. or another nation decides simply to occupy the entire earth by force, which is of course a fantasy shared by fallen leaders over 5,000 years.

The problem of course is that Ms. Rice seems not to succeed at anything she tries.

A long list of failures looms over her head at Foggy Bottom like a black cloud, and although the President seems almost blind to her faults, others are not. She has failed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Indonesia and perhaps another 35 nations where wars and insurgencies go on today that are damaging to the American people one way or the other.

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