I. Lewis Libby: ?I, Convicted Felon?

Libby, who spent money all too freely thinking he would land a cushy job in the private sector following in his boss’s footsteps once his stint with Cheney was over also had “a legal defense fund” Many of the fund’s managers have pleaded that Mr. Libby be pardoned.

And last but most disturbing: my once most likeable guy in the Republican Party, actor and former Senator Fred D. Thompson, has also urged the President to pardon this felon Libby.  This will haunt Thompson in the future as he makes his own bid for the White House over the next year and a half.

The sickest statements of support came from un-convicted criminals like Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger, former Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, and Paul D. Wolfowitz, who just “resigned” (wink wink) his presidency of the World Bank because he was caught as a cuckold-adulterer assuring his Egyptian sex partner an unconscionable raise and then lying about it.

Birds of a feather.

To my mind, President Bush may just wait until the day he leaves office to pardon the felon Libby because even he may not be stupid enough to do it while sitting in the Oval Office. However, something tells me he could well be that dumb. 

Instead, the citizens of the United States should listen to two people who, during this circus, continue to stand for American Justice.

The first is Judge Walton, who presided over the Libby trial that wound up with Mr. Libby’s conviction on four – not one, not two, not three, but four – felony counts. Judge Walton said the evidence was overwhelming that Mr. Libby had obstructed justice and lied to a grand jury and F.B.I. agents investigating the disclosure of the identity of Valerie Wilson.

The second is Patrick J. Fitzgerald, the prosecutor, who urged Judge Walton to issue a stiff sentence that would “send a message that the truth matters.”

Obviously the truth, as determined by the triers of fact and law does not matter to Bush, Cheney, Thompson, Kissinger, Wolfowitz, Lynne Cheney, John Bolton and the other 150 perjury coddlers who must have owed Mr. Libby a favor.

What I would like to know is – for what?

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